Everyone brings something to the table at The Elevated Table. We bring the table to the farm and set the stage for an elevated experience. The farmers bring the their fresh, locally produced food and the chefs bring their creativity and talents to design a hyper-seasonal five course meal. Our guests bring their plates and their desire to connect to our good food community!

The Elevated Table dinner series is a fundraiser for  Local Food Alliance. The dinners implement mission-critical strategies: enhancing access to fresh, seasonal, locally grown food while demonstration of the unparalleled taste and quality of food produced in our foodshed, raising awareness and sharing the stories of our community farmers, and to grow our good food community!

Here is what you can expect at The Elevated Table event -

As guests (you) arrive, we mingle at a reception area with wine, beer, cocktails, mocktails and passed appetizers. We then hear from our host farmer(s) and depending on the event take a tour of the farm. The tour is no more than thirty minutes and ends at the table, where we sit down for a multi-course meal prepared by our guest chef in the outdoor kitchen. Dinner is served family-style with wine pairings for each savory course. The evening finishes with dessert and a display of appreciation for our chef(s). At this time if our guests are so inclined to make a donation to Local Food Alliance they may do so with the envelopes provided.


  • Occurred Friday, July 12th, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm


Squash Blossom Farm

113 Chestnut Lane
Bellevue, ID 83313


Christina Giordani

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