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STANLEY — The owners of the Redfish Lake Lodge purchased the Stanley High Country Inn this month, adding a total of three hotels to their holdings in one year.

Arlen and Derrel Crouch had purchased the Redfish Riverside Inn in March of 2017 and the Triangle C Cabins in October of 2017. Combined, the three properties add 39 additional motel/cabin units to the 40 at Redfish Lake Lodge.

“We feel extremely grateful to be part of Stanley and are thrilled with the momentum and growth occurring,” general manager Jeff Clegg said in a statement. “We did not begin the year with any intention of owning these properties. Things just fell into place, and each acquisition has its own unique story.”

Patti Wright had been the previous owner of the Redfish Riverside Inn, formerly the Stanley Riverside Motel. She died in September of 2016, and the following January, her family reached out to the owners of Redfish Lake Lodge to see if they had any interest in purchasing the building.

“We had respected and known Patti for years and knew of her commitment to quality,” Clegg said. “This was attractive to us because it is a great property that connects Redfish Lake naturally to the Salmon River.”

Meanwhile, the former owners of the Triangle C Ranch, Ron and Linda Gillett, had tried for years to sell their property. The 10 cabins and the main home were built by Ron Gillett and his father, Earle.

Linda Gillett was friends with Arlen Crouch, and the two had talked about a transaction for years. In late March 2017, they reached a deal, and the sale finalized in October.

Both the Cleggs and the Crouches had admired the downtown Stanley High Country Inn for a long time.

“We have discussed purchasing the High Country Inn for years, but could never quite reach an agreement,” Clegg said. “Things just worked out this time, and it is a wonderful property.”

Like with the Redfish Riverside Inn, the previous care and improvements to the property had a lot to do with the decision to buy. Steve Hosac and his family had purchased the Inn in 2003 and spent thousands of dollars to improve it.

Each of the three hotels has a unique draw. The Redfish Riverside Inn sits right on the Salmon River and offers inflatable kayak rentals on a mellow stretch of river. Triangle C Cabins has 10 standalone cabins with space for activities and adventure, while the Stanley High Country Inn is suited for group events and retreats.

“The key for us has been to retain and find excellent management for these properties,” Clegg said. “We love the energy in Stanley and feel a real sense of local pride. We are very aware of the risks, but very bullish on the town and beautiful setting.”

The lodge will offer packages with these properties to encourage tourism at Redfish Lake. The lodge will provide a complimentary shuttle from its properties in Stanley to Redfish Lake during the summer.


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