TWIN FALLS • Kami Bleeker didn’t want to be “just another hairdresser” — so she’s taking her passion and vision to another level.

Bleeker is one of six artists selected nationwide to attend the Ryder Make-up Labs Emerging Artist Boot Camp beginning June 5. She will be working with celebrity hair and makeup artists to build a portfolio, and open the door for more opportunities down the road.

Bleeker is just one of several Magic Valley residents who have decided to take on additional training or certification to enhance their careers.

“I want to be really successful and make a difference in our community,” she said.

As owner of Kami B Hair and Makeup Artistry, 270 Falls Ave. W., Bleeker said she wants to show others that “there is more to this than just cutting hair.” After competing at a workshop in Boise, she was selected to attend the boot camp for her creativity and passion. Bleeker hopes to bring another culture to Twin Falls by hosting workshops, demonstrations and classes.

“I have a lot of fun when I do that,” she said.

The boot camp will give her practice doing hair and makeup for editorial content.

“I’m just excited to go and see what it’s like to work on set,” Bleeker said.

To raise money for the camp — which costs $3,500 — she will help teach a makeup tips-and-tricks class at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Salon Centric. The cost to attend is $10.

While some choose to take continuing education, others are required to by their profession. Lindsey Ketterling, a physical therapist for the Center of Physical Rehabilitation, said she has to take 16 credit hours of education a year.

Still, new certifications aren’t part of that requirement, but several physical therapists are choosing to get them to help the community, said Physical Therapist Assistant Christy Hall. Ketterling recently took a three-day course and test for certification in Mesa, Arizona, for vestibular rehabilitation.

“I’ve been doing a lot of vestibular stuff for our clinic,” Ketterling said. “It’s good to have those skills.”

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy assists with balance/inner ear disorders, re-training the brain and using positioning maneuvers or balance training. Ketterling said she opted for the certification, knowing that over 50 percent of people older than 70 will have a vertigo condition at some point in their lives.

“There’s always more research coming out,” she said. “It’s a nice way to get an update on what’s new and improved in physical therapy.”

For professionals such as Rachel Richins, certification adds credibility to their role in an organization. Richins is the vice president of human resources for Agri-Service.

Earlier this month, she passed the test to become a senior certified professional from the Society for Human Resource Management.

Richins spent weeks studying for the 180-question exam with local members of the Snake River chapter.

“As a group, we spent two hours per week for three months, and on our own we had to study as well,” she said.

Testing is offered nationally at different times of the year.

“I think it’s important to continue my learning throughout my career, and make sure I’m a viable resource for my organization,” said Richins, who’s been working in human resources for 14 years.

While education doesn’t end after graduation, sometimes it’s a good time to change directions altogether.

“I’m kind of taking a break and re-evaluating my life,” said Shalimar Summers, who is in the process of taking a 200-hour Yoga Alliance yoga certification class.

The class, offered by Denise Druce with Yoga Assets, will allow her to teach yoga professionally. While certification can be obtained at a lower cost, and for less time, Summers said the 200-hour certification is more in-depth, covering meditation and anatomy.

“There’s so much more to yoga than practicing poses,” she said.

Yoga Assets is requiring her to offer 10 free classes to the community. Summers began with just four or five people, and had about 15 attend the fifth class. The next one is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. June 4-5 at a location to be determined. Class dates are announced in the Magic Valley Yoga Community Facebook group.

Summers said that for her, this certification is just the first step. Beginning in July, she will teach classes at Shimmy Shakti Studio of Yoga & Belly Dance in Twin Falls.

“Eventually, I’d like to do my own retreat,” she said.

She’d also like to take a 1,000-hour yoga therapy certification class, and own her own business.

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