Cheese pizzas

A new Domino's location is coming to Twin Falls. 

TWIN FALLS — Another Domino’s is coming to Twin Falls, this time at 1869 Addison Ave. East.

Twin Falls Planning and Zoning Commission approved a drive-thru window for the new restaurant Tuesday. The window will allow customers to pick up pre-ordered pizzas.

Patrick Clysdale will be an owner of the new Domino’s, and already owns the Washington Street location. He said that the decision to open the second location was driven in part by demand from Chobani and Clif Bar employees. Workers from those two businesses already purchase a lot of pizza from the Washington Street location, he said.

Work on the new pizza joint, which will have 15 employees, has already begun. Clysdale said he hopes construction will wrap up by Jan. 1.

One individual expressed concerns about the impacts the new store will have on the neighborhood. Ronald Burns, who lives on Sigrid Avenue, near the new Domino’s site, wrote a letter to Planning and Zoning about with business’ late hours.

“The added noises and commotion will greatly reduce our quality of life and lower our property values, and attract some people with crime on their minds,” Burns said.

No individuals spoke against the drive thru during the public comment portion of Tuesday’s meeting. Clysdale said he fully intends on mitigating the impacts caused by lighting and late hours as much as possible. The location will be open until 1 a.m.

“As Domino’s, we hold ourselves to a really high standard,” Clysdale said.

City Planner Brock Cherry noted that Domino’s will be required by city code to provide screening, including fencing, between its business and residential properties.

Editor's note: This story has been corrected in order to clarify that no individuals spoke Tuesday in opposition to the drive thru and extended hours. One individual wrote a letter prior to the meeting expressing concerns about the drive thru's impacts. A separate individual commented in person, but was in favor of the drive thru. 

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