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Though southern Idaho is lacking the snow it needs right now, we can't be too jealous of people to the east of us. As a native midwesterner and a born cold-weather-hater, I'm very grateful to be living in southern Idaho right now. Here are some reasons why, which will probably jinx us all. (… Read more

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Here are some of the saddest, loneliest photos taken as winter weather sweeps across the country. Be sure to send us your photos of the snow (though hopefully they won't be as sad as these)! Go to Magicvalley.com/submit. By Dan Warner Read more

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While taking photos of livestock Aug. 28 at the Twin Falls County Fair, I came across quite a few animals that did not respond well to cameras. These animals absolutely did not trust me or my camera. These are their stories. (Dan Warner/dwarner@magicvalley.com) Read more

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Breaking down movement into tiny increments can make a compelling action look, well, dumb. Here are 12 examples of that dumb moment when the photographer snapped a photo, presented without comment. (Dan Warner/dwarner@magicvalley.com) Read more