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Gay marriage is a very hot topic right now. Lots of emotion on both sides, completely polarizing the country. And, to a lesser extent, my church. To add fuel to the bonfire, I have several close friends who are gay. It is with them clearly in mind that I share my thoughts. Read more

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My trusty source-of-all-arcane-trivia, Wikipedia, tells me that Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. is the 82nd Attorney General of the United States. He began serving in 2009, when the Obama administration was new, and “Hope and Change” was on a majority of Americans' lips. Of course, that was before … Read more

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When President Bill Clinton decided that a dalliance with a White House intern would satisfactorily fill the lonely moments of his Presidency, one could almost hear the sounds of drool hitting the newsroom floor in over 200 daily papers across the country as the nation’s editorial cartoonist… Read more

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I watched the CNN news coverage on March 13 along with half the world, it seemed, enthralled by the mystery, ceremony, the process, the secrecy and the riveting anticipation surrounding the selection of the next leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics around the world. I remember how stunned I… Read more

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I know, I know, I’m “not from around here.” I get it. I know that different parts of the country have their own little quirks and eccentricities. But does Idaho’s have to involve extreme apathy about education? Read more

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As I was navigating our Budget rental truck up Blue Lakes Boulevard for the first time when we moved here a couple of months ago, I couldn’t help but notice the sheer number of sleazy payday/auto title loan shops that seemed to occupy almost every other storefront … and which seemed to vastl… Read more

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Unless you were hiding under a rock yesterday, you know by now that Pope Benedict XVI has announced… abruptly… that he will resign from the papacy effective February 28th of this year. Citing health reasons, Pope Benedict XVI said that he didn’t feel that his strength would allow him to continue, especially since his personal physician has barred him from any more trans-Atlantic flights. Read more

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Is the crux of this issue the ultimate “loss of innocence” for our young men, or is this simply a matter of being “progressive” and “changing with the times”? Would gay boys/leaders in the BSA make our children less safe? What are the real issues here? Read more

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I realize that I’m a transplant from the East and probably not used to the subtle nuances of Twin Falls social etiquette, but seriously, folks… you need to get a grip on your “dropping-off-kids-at-school” routine… it’s unbelievable. I’ve seen cage matches that involved chain saws that were l… Read more