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How do you solve this conundrum? 

With the legislative districts that have been in place for the last 10 years, Sen. Bert Brackett has lived in, and represented, district 23. He used a Rogerson address -- located in Twin Falls County -- to file for the election, but he technically lives in a nearby unincorporated area called Three Creek, located in Owyhee County. That didn't really matter before, as Three Creek and Rogerson were both in 23.

With the new legislative district map, that's no longer the case. Three Creek, in Owyhee County, is in district 23, while Rogerson, in Twin Falls County, is in district 25.

So with the new map, Brackett lives in 23, but files using an address in 25.

I couldn't reach Brackett this morning, but I did talk to Rep. Jim Patrick, R-Twin Falls, who declared his intention to run for the Senate seat in 25. Patrick said when he spoke to Brackett, Brackett said he definitely lives in Owyhee County, and -- if he decides to run again -- would face off against Sen. Tim Corder, R-Mountain Home. But Keith Bybee of the Legislative Services Office says if he files using the Rogerson address, he'd be in 25.

I'm still trying to reach Brackett (if you're reading this, sir, give me a call!), but if the Rogerson address is the only address he has, but he lives in Owyhee County, I'm not sure what the legal answer to this riddle might be. Stay tuned.


UPDATE: Mystery solved. We think.

I just spoke to Brackett. He plans to file in district 23, where he lives. It's confusing, he said, but as he understands it, he should file in the district where his house is located, not where his mailing address is.

That will pit him against Corder, and leave Patrick running for an as-yet unchallenged Senate seat in 25.

And that is your redistricting news for the day. Have a good Saturday evening, folks.

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