Heritage Academy

A view of Heritage Academy charter school in Jerome.

CLAIM: A controversial survey administered at Heritage Academy in Jerome is widely used in other districts.

BACKGROUND: Heritage parents were outraged when they found out their students took the Adverse Childhood Experiences survey on Feb. 8. Some of the questions posed to young students involved inquiries about sex abuse. 

Heritage Academy Superintendent Christine Ivie said she received a copy of the survey at a conference.

“It seems like it’s pretty widely used,” she said.

We were curious to see if that’s true — at least here in south-central Idaho, so we reached out to local school districts and public charter schools.

FACTS: Of 20 school leaders who responded, all of them said they don't give the survey to students. And some aren't familiar with the survey at all.

Shoshone School District Superintendent Rob Waite wrote in an email to the Times-News: “But, I would hate to see the important research of which the ACE survey is a tiny part of tainted by a focus on the survey. We have several staff members, including myself, that have been trained in the brain research associated with the survey.

“The research is important and can help educators reach students by adjusting and personalizing the way students are taught. The adjustments can be done by educators without using the survey.”

The school board at North Valley Academy in Gooding discourages surveying students at all — especially, elementary schoolers, school founder Deby Infanger said.

“Personally, I believe that teaching children is a trust that our parents grant to us,” she wrote in an email to the Times-News, “and surveying them without parental notification and support would be a clear violation of that trust, in my opinion.”

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