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Dorothy Custer

Centenarian Dorothy Custer sits for a portrait the day before her 103rd birthday in 2014 at her home in Twin Falls.

It’s almost that time of year again.

Twin Falls’ own Dorothy Custer, known to many as “Idaho’s Grandma,” will soon celebrate yet another birthday.

On May 30, Dorothy will turn 104.

On her 103rd birthday, Dorothy rode in a hot air balloon over Park City, Utah. She made a tandem BASE jump from the I.B. Perrine Memorial Bridge when she turned 102 and she rode the zip line in the Snake River Canyon for her 101st birthday.

But Dorothy plans to spend this birthday quietly with her family.

Reaching 104 is quite an achievement, and to celebrate, we’re putting together a large story featuring Dorothy that will run Sunday, May 24, in the Times-News.

I visited Dorothy a few weeks ago when Francis Egbert, one of her first seventh-grade students at Murtaugh, died at 94.

It took her a little longer than usual that day to shake the fog from her brain.

She had a few physical issues that were bothering her, she said. But after a few minutes, she was back to herself, telling stories and laughing at her own jokes.

“No one knew how old I was until I turned 100,” she said.

Dorothy told me then she was looking forward to turning 104, but she didn’t want to stick around much longer after that.

A few days later, her grandson Greg Custer, posted on her Facebook page.

Grandma “wanted people to know she ‘isn’t feeling 100 percent right now,’ but she has wonderful family here taking care of her,” Greg wrote. “She says she fully intends to make it six more weeks until her birthday, then she wants to ‘flit like a butterfly.’”

The news must have come as a shock to her 979 “friends” on Facebook.

Many of us would like to see her live forever.


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