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TWIN FALLS — Concussions are more unique to manage than most other injuries because brain injuries display different symptoms, such as memory loss, confusion and fatigue. Read more

Even for those charged in court with drug possession, there is possible road to recovery. Take a look at it in this second part of our deep dive into the impact of drugs on the Magic Valley. Read more

TWIN FALLS — While most addictions involve alcohol or drugs, just about anything can be addictive. defines addiction as “The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.” Read more

We all have to eat, but seeing how others do it can be enlightening. Read here about meals at shelters, community potlucks, food pantries and cultural spots. Read more

Jackpot is not alone in its economic struggles. Rural communities across America are hurting as young people increasingly leave small towns for big cities. Read more

TWIN FALLS — Those who attend preschool are more likely to obtain a college degree later in life, according to a study from the University of Minnesota. But Idaho is one of only four states that does not fund preschool, magnifying social and economic barriers to academic achievement. Read more

This is the second installment in Julie A. Ferraro's classic car series.

The summer months are when the public is privy to the culture of cars. What the car community shares is more than a hobby — truly it’s a community, one that endures through time. Read more

TWIN FALLS — You know it’s summer when you see the first robin on the lawn, the days get longer and temperatures rise. Read more

Magic Valley is home to some of Idaho’s elite who are challenging themselves to conquer the state’s nine tallest mountain peaks.

The reasons why people climb mountains are as vast as the summits that dot the state’s terrain, said Boise resident Dan Robbins, a seasoned climber who grew up Gooding.

For Magic Valley residents Alice Schenk, Kema Barrie, Elisabeth and Andy Lehr, Stacy Human and her daughter Sydney, their reasons for scaling these mountains are as unique as their thumbprints.

Each of their stories shows their sense of personal accomplishment and growth — two key components that keep them stretching toward the next mountaintop. Read more

BURLEY — Idaho peak baggers differ greatly from mountain climbers on Mount Everest — the world’s highest summit and apex of mountaineering — but in some ways, they are quite similar, Tom Lopez, avid mountaineer and Boise author of “Idaho: A Climbing Guide,” said. Read more

This is the third installment in the Times-News Refugee series. In this installment, Photojournalist Pat Sutphin explores the civil landscape of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and how it led to one family's exile.

Conflict in the Congo between 1998 and 2007 has claimed between 3 million and 5.4 million lives, according to an International Rescue Committee study. The Second Congo War — which spanned from 1998 to 2003 — was the deadliest dispute since World War II.

For those who were born in the wrong tribe, speaking the wrong language as their native tongue, or even from the wrong side of the country, options were limited. Either they fled, or they became victims of the genocide of their nation.

For Samuel Mgbokpwo and more than 800,000 citizens of his country, the choice was obvious. They decided to flee. Read more

The longest day of the year finally came and quickly went on June 21. Summer Solstice marks the onset of summer, and we thought this would be a good opportunity to showcase some of our best staff picks for the season’s outdoor entertainment options.  Read more

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