Details for TWIN FALLS COUNTY TREASURER - Ad from 2022-05-12

TWIN FALLS COUNTY STATE OF IDAHO MAY 17, 2022 SAMPLE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY ELECTION BALLOT LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 24 CANDIDATES FOR STATE OFFICES CANDIDATES FOR LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT OFFICES To vote, fill in the oval ( ) next to the candidate of your choice. SECRETARY OF STATE To vote a "Write-in", fill in the oval next to the blank write-in line and write the name of your choice on the blank write-in line. LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 24 STATE REPRESENTATIVE POSITION A Shawn Keenan INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTER If you make a mistake, request a new ballot from an election worker. (Vote for One) (Vote for One) (WRITE-IN) (WRITE-IN) LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 24 STATE REPRESENTATIVE POSITION B STATE CONTROLLER (Vote for One) CANDIDATES FOR UNITED STATES OFFICES (Vote for One) Dianna David UNITED STATES SENATOR (Vote for One) Ben Pursley (WRITE-IN) (WRITE-IN) CANDIDATES FOR COUNTY OFFICES STATE TREASURER (Vote for One) David Roth COUNTY COMMISSIONER SECOND DISTRICT Jill L Ellsworth (WRITE-IN) 4 Year Term (Vote for One) (WRITE-IN) REPRESENTATIVE IN CONGRESS SECOND DISTRICT (Vote for One) (WRITE-IN) ATTORNEY GENERAL (Vote for One) Wendy Norman Steven Scanlin (WRITE-IN) (WRITE-IN) CANDIDATES FOR STATE OFFICES COUNTY COMMISSIONER THIRD DISTRICT 2 Year Term (Vote for One) (WRITE-IN) SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION CLERK OF THE DISTRICT COURT (Vote for One) GOVERNOR (Vote for One) Terry L. Gilbert Stephen Heidt (Vote for One) (WRITE-IN) (WRITE-IN) (WRITE-IN) CANDIDATES FOR LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT OFFICES LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR (Vote for One) Terri Pickens Manweiler (WRITE-IN) COUNTY TREASURER (Vote for One) LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 24 STATE SENATOR (Vote for One) (WRITE-IN) (WRITE-IN) Note: The order of candidates on this sample ballot may not reflect the rotation in your precinct. CANDIDATES FOR COUNTY OFFICES FIFTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGES COUNTY ASSESSOR TO SUCCEED JUDGE Eric J. Wildman (Vote for One) (WRITE-IN) COUNTY CORONER (Vote for One) (WRITE-IN) CANDIDATES FOR PRECINCT OFFICE PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN (Vote for One) (WRITE-IN) See complete list in last column. NONPARTISAN BALLOT Official Judicial Nominating Election Ballot JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT TO SUCCEED JUSTICE Colleen D. Zahn (Vote for One) Vote For One Eric J. Wildman TO SUCCEED JUDGE Jonathan P. Brody Vote For One Jonathan P. Brody TO SUCCEED JUDGE Michael Patrick Tribe VOTE BOTH SIDES Complete list of Legislative District 24 Democratic precinct candidates: Buhl 2: Richard Parrott Buhl 4: Deirdra Scott Buhl 5: Wendy French Filer 3: Kim Roberts Hansen: Nan Cluss Hollister: Michael D. Humphries Kimberly 3: Phillip C. Uhlig Twin Falls 24: Debra Kraal Twin Falls 26: Justin Case Mattson Vote For One Michael Patrick Tribe TO SUCCEED JUDGE Ned Williamson Vote For One Ned Williamson TO SUCCEED JUDGE Rosemary Emory Vote For One Rosemary Emory Colleen D. Zahn TO SUCCEED JUSTICE Robyn M. Brody (Vote for One) Robyn Brody JUDGE OF THE COURT OF APPEALS TO SUCCEED JUDGE Molly J. Huskey (Vote for One) Molly J. Huskey FIFTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGES TO SUCCEED JUDGE Roger B. Harris Vote For One Roger B. Harris TO SUCCEED JUDGE Benjamin J. Cluff Vote For One Benjamin J. Cluff VOTE BOTH SIDES