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Idaho’s largest provider
of kidney health care!
Now in Twin Falls and Burley.

Join us for an...

January 16th • 6:30 p.m.
350 N. Haven Dr., Twin Falls

At Idaho Kidney Center, our passion is to help people living with chronic kidney disease to
be able to live a healthy life following their lives’ passions. We work hard with our patients
to prevent complications of diabetes and advancing kidney disease and actively pursue a
balanced approach including lifestyle coaching, nutrition and the art of medicine towards
achieving a healthy lifestyle, and prevent complications like dialysis and cardiovascular
We believe in the principle that health care is an inherent right of every individual and not
just a luxury affordable by a select few. We will treat you with compassion, empathy and
equality regardless of your capacity to pay.
We believe all individuals have the right to live a healthy life and have easy access to their
health care providers.”
Idaho Kidney doctors serving Eastern Idaho since 2005, with compassion, empathy and equality.
Locations in Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Pocatello, and now in Twin Falls and Burley.
 Kidney disease is a silent killer. Over 25 million Americans are suffering with kidney disease.
 Don’t become another number!
 Early diagnosis and treatment can help slow progression of kidney disease.
 If you have risk factors of kidney disease such as diabetes, hypertension, or family history then consult

your doctor or contact any of the Board Certified Nephrologists at Idaho Kidney Institute.

Fahim Rahim, MD, FASN

Hira Siktel, MD

Michael Haderlie, MD

Amie Kenyen, FNP-C

Denise Barnes, FNP-C

Nicole Loos-Bartlett,

Naeem Rahim, MD, FASN

Amandeep Chadha, MD

Nagraj Narasimhan, MD

Matthew Ray, DO

Call us today for an appointment at (208) 904-4780
350 N. Haven Dr., Twin Falls, ID 83301

Lindsey Zirker,


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