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Man behind Amish Fireplace gives public $99 deal
Bargain hunters rush to cash in on 73% off Absolute Liquidation deal

NATIONWIDE – It’s a deal too
good to pass up.
That’s because the ma n
behind the Amish Fireplace
and founder of Heat Surge is
giving away brand new World
Famous Miracle Heaters in a
73% off Absolute Liquidation
deal for just $99 to the general
public beginning at 8:30am this
And with many months of
freezing cold weather yet to
come and high heat bills right
around the corner, the phone
lines are ringing off the hook.
When I got wind that all this
was ending in just 2 days, I left my
office at Heat Surge and headed
straight to Amish country to set
up an interview with long time
Amish craftsman Jonas Miller
so I could be the first to get the
story out to newspaper readers
Here’s my interview with the
soft spoken, hardworking man
who reminds me of good old honest Abe and I got right to the bottom line.
QUESTION: I’m confirming
that the World Famous Miracle
Heater is now just $99, right?
ANSWER: Yes ma’am, it’s just
QUESTION: That’s unbelievable. Do you know how much
people have paid for the Miracle
Heater and handmade Amish
fireplace mantle in the past?
ANSWER: Lots and lots of
people have paid $392.00 for the
Miracle Heater and they’re glad
to pay it because they know it’s
top of the line quality that lasts
forever and Heat Surge pays me
to make sure everyone knows it.
QUESTION: Then why are
the Miracle Heaters being given
away for just $99 now?
ANSWER: There’s a bunch of
good people out there that have
always wanted to slash their heat
bills and stay warm with one of
our fireplaces, but just couldn’t
afford one. Folks living on fixed
incomes, those living pay check
to pay check and retired folks
who would have so much more
money if they didn’t have to budget for such high heat bills every
That’s why the man behind
the Amish fireplace said to give
the heaters away for just $99
in an Absolute Liquidation to
make room in the barns for the
new 2020 models for the next 2
days. We want everyone to get
one, so we’re giving everyone a
73% off discount. And here’s the
best part. These are not used or
scratch and dent models. These
are brand new, still in the box
with a full warranty models. We
just gotta move em to make room
in the barns for the new 2020
QUESTION: Now I know why
so many people are calling to
get the Miracle Heater. Are the
craftsmen struggling to keep up?
ANSWER: Yes ma’am. Now
that winter is just around the
corner folks are thinking about
saving money. Everyone hates
paying high heat bills that start
showing up in January and don’t
stop until after May. I looked in
one of the barns this morning and

■ CONSUMERS JUMP ON DEAL: “We’re gonna keep our word and give the Miracle Heaters away for just $99, but please tell folks not

to take any more than three because the boys are really struggling to keep up now that they’re 73% off in this Absolute Liquidation,” said
long-time Amish craftsman, Jonas Miller. Barns that were stacked from floor to ceiling just days ago are now going empty because everyone
hates paying high heat bills. That’s why smart consumers are rushing to beat the 2 day deadline for this rock bottom deal that’s putting a
real strain on the craftsmen.

I’ll tell ya what, they’re flying out
the door like apple butter pies.
The boys are really struggling to
keep up. That’s why I need you to
tell folks I’m really sorry but we
just can’t let them have any more
than three as part of this advertising announcement.
QU E ST ION: Ho w m u c h
money are people saving with
these Miracle Heaters?
ANSWER: Thousands of letters pour in from folks all across
the country thanking us at Heat
Surge for all the money they’re
saving on their heat bills with
this fireplace. It works because
the Miracle Heater creates perfect zone heating giving you 74°
of bone-soothing room heat even

when the home thermostat is
turned down to 59°. So everyone
will save money and no one will
ever be cold again.
QUESTION: I read an article
that says these Miracle Heaters
are a top rated safety pick. Have
you seen it too?
ANSWER: Oh yes. Someone
showed me that article and we’re
very proud of it. In fact, when a
fire chief tells people with children and pets to get it, you know
it’s safe. It has the World Famous
safe to the touch Fireless Flame®
technology that gives you the
peaceful flicker of a real fire
but without any flames, fumes,
smells, ashes or mess.
This is about the time we had

to wrap things up, but I could’ve
talked to this soft spoken Amish
man for hours.
Unfortunately, he was late getting back to the barn. But there
are two things I want readers
to know. At 73% off this Absolute Liquidation is a fantastic
deal and once the two-day deadline ends, the price for the World
Famous Miracle Heater will go
clear back up to $392.00 including shipping.
That’s why it’s so important
for readers to call the National
Toll Free Hotlines today to get
the Miracle Heaters for just $99
and shipping before the deadline
To make sure everyone gets

these new Miracle Heaters in a
hurry, UPS® drivers have been
instructed to make home deliveries anywhere in the United
States beginning tomorrow.
Thousa nds of loca l readers are expected to call the
hotlines beginning at 8:30am
It just doesn’t make sense
for anyone to suffer through
the cold when you can get the
brand new Miracle Heater for
just $99 and never have to
pay high heat bills again. So if
phone lines are busy keep trying, they promise to answer all
calls. ■
– by Kristin Kishman, Consumer Analyst
for Heat Surge LLC.

Who gets the $99 deal
Find your zone on this U.S. Weather Map

Frigid Zone: 1

Everyone who locates the Weather Zone they live in must call
the National Toll Free Hotlines for their zone beginning at precisely
8:30am this morning. Those who get through are being given the
World Famous Miracle Heater for just $99 and shipping. No calls will
be accepted for this Absolute Liquidation deal after the deadline ends
2 days from today’s publication date.

Cold Zone: 2
Frost Zone: 3

Anyone who misses the deadline will not get the $99 deal for
the Miracle Heater. They will be required to pay the regular price
of $392.00 including shipping for the Miracle Heater that comes
mounted in the custom-made fireplace mantle.

Claim Code: HSD304



8:30 A.M. TODAY

8:45 A.M. TODAY

9:00 A.M. TODAY

Frigid Zone: 1


Cold Zone: 2


Frost Zone: 3


Barns going empty,
consumers rush to
lock in $99 deal

■ GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN: Long-time Amish craftsman Jonas Miller encourages all the crafts-

men to keep up with the household limit of 3 Miracle Heaters as newspapers hit the newsstands. “We’ve
got everybody helping out, but we’ve never seen anything like this before. We’re letting everyone get
the Miracle Heater (shown here) for just $99 and shipping so we can barely keep up with all the orders,”
Miller said. Everyone hoping to cash in on this deal needs to immediately call the National Toll–Free
Hotlines before the deadline ends because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

With just 2 days left to get in on the $99 deal and barns going
empty, people everywhere are rushing to get the Miracle Heaters
in this 73% off Absolute Liquidation before they’re all sold out.
Demand for the Miracle Heaters has skyrocketed ever since
news about the $99 deal started spreading. In fact, overflow
hotlines had to be set up just to take all the calls and because the
craftsmen are struggling to keep up, a household limit of 3 had to
be imposed. According to the avalanche of consumer reviews for
the Miracle Heaters, people absolutely swear by them, repeatedly saying, “It saves money,” “looks beautiful,” and “heats from
floor to ceiling to keep everyone warm and cozy.”
People from all across the country are calling to get in on this
73% off Absolute Liquidation deal before the deadline ends 2 days
from today’s publication date. So if lines are busy be sure to call
one of the overflow hotlines at 1-866-222-2181 or 1-866-300-7684
to get the Miracle Heater for just $99.
And since all the custom made mantles that the craftsmen are
building today are included at no extra charge, nearly everyone
is asking to have their Miracle Heater built with a custom mantle
because everyone who does is getting a custom finish upgrade in
Golden Oak or Dark Oak for free.
Just make sure you call before the deadline ends because anyone who misses the deadline can’t get in on this deal and will
have to pay the regular price of $392.00 including shipping for
the Miracle Heater that comes mounted in a custom made fireplace mantle. ■
©2019 HS P7221A OF21453R-1


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