Details for CASSIA REGIONAL HOSPITAL* - Ad from 2018-11-07

1501 HILAND AVE, BURLEY • (208) 678-4444 • CASSIAREGIONAL.ORG 677-6091 677-6530 Devin Devin Higgins, Higgins, DO DO Stewart Stewart North, North, DO DO Physical, Physical, Occupational, Occupational, Cardiac, Cardiac, Speech Speech Therapy Therapy CASSIA CASSIA FAMILY FAMILY MEDICINE MEDICINE CASSIA CASSIA REHABILITATION REHABILITATION SERVICES SERVICES 677-6266 677-6266 677-6070 677-6070 CASSIA CASSIA FAMILY FAMILY PRACTICE PRACTICE & & WORKMED WORKMED Anna Anna Makovec-Fuller, Makovec-Fuller, FNP-C FNP-C 677-6212 677-6212 CASSIA INTERNAL MEDICINE CLINIC CASSIA INTERNAL James Spackman, MD MEDICINE CLINIC JamesAnderson, Spackman, MD Kelly MD (Family Medicine) Kelly Anderson, MD (Family Medicine) 677-6080 677-6080 CASSIA ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC CASSIA ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC Bryce Millar, MD Bryce Tracy, Millar,PA-C MD Devin Devin Tracy, PA-C CASSIA CASSIA GENERAL GENERAL SURGERY SURGERY CLINIC CLINIC Aaron Aaron Guercio, Guercio, MD MD 678-2283 678-2283 FAMILY PRACTICE WITH OBSTETRICS FAMILY PRACTICE WITH OBSTETRICS Wayne Blauer, MD Wayne Blauer, MD 677-6170 677-6170 SPRING CREEK WOMEN’S HEALTH SPRINGCannon, CREEKDO WOMEN’S HEALTH Tanya Crystal, FNP-C Michael Tanya Crystal, FNP-C Michael Cannon, DO Clea Mefford, WHNP-BC Mark Dowdle, MD Clea Mefford, WHNP-BC Mark Dowdle, MDDO Jason Parkinson, Jason Parkinson, DO 24 HOUR EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN SERVICE

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