Details for WRIGHT PHYSICAL THERAPY - Ad from 2019-05-08

CHOOSE RESULTS CHANGING ROOT PAIN GET TO THELIFE OF YOUR Wright Physical Therapy is amazing. It is the best PT office I have ever been at! - B. Barker DICINE. E M S T R O ND SP SPECIALIZING IN ORTHO PEDIC PHYSICAL THERAPY A Call BURLEY 1945 Hiland Ave. Burley, ID 83318 208-647-0224 Fax 208-647-0239 208-647-0224 Today! JEROME 111 Pioneer Court Jerome, ID 83338 208-944-9277 Fax 208-944-9280 KIMBERLY 931 Center Street Kimberly, ID 83341 208-423-9999 Fax 208-423-9998 TWIN FALLS 1444 Falls Ave. E. Twin Falls, ID 83301 208-736-2574 Fax 208-736-2594 TWIN FALLS CHENEY 452 Cheney Dr W #190 Twin Falls, ID 83301 208-329-7667 Fax 208-329-7669 We accept all insurances. WENDELL 280 West Main St. Wendell, ID 83355 208-944-4003 Fax 208-944-4757 Habla Español

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