Details for HEARING AID COUNSELORS & AUDIOLOGY - Ad from 2019-10-07

“...The #1 Goof People Make When Choosing A Hearing Aid...” Goof #5 Trusting a sales person who is not a trained hearing professional. Goof #4 Not knowing about today’s technology and believing that hearing aids are large, obnoxious and obvious. Goof #3 Being pressured into a buying decision “today” without enough information. Goof #2 Responding to an ad for one kind of device and being switched to another, lesser quality device. What’s Goof #1? For the answer to this and other common mistakes most people make... DO THIS NEXT: 1. Call us directly for your reservation to this special Free event, “The Most Common and Costly Mistakes People Make When Buying A Hearing Aid.” oR 2. Request our FREE Report “How To Choose The Right Hearing Care Professional” by Calling 1-800-922-4442 3. Enjoy a new heightened sense of hearing. ... Join Us At A Special FREE Event “The Most Common, Costly And Aggrevating Goofs People Make When Purchasing Hearing Aids And How To Overcome Them.” Get a Free Hearing Evaluation and Take a Free Test Drive Of A Hearing Device (or two), 1415 Parkview Dr, 1534 Overland Ave. 221 S River Street, Ste 100 Suite 1B Burley, Twin Falls, ID 83301 Hailey, ID 83333 ID 83318 (208) 944-0246 (208) 806-3265 (208) 650-4258

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