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SleeperTrends New high tech power recliner is top rated sleeper and lift chair With the aging of the US Population, the power reclining lift chair has become a fast growing segment of furniture and senior mobility sales. Are you or someone you know having trouble getting in and out of chairs? Now there is a solution that does far more than just lift you from a chair. The latest sleeper lift technology in the WiseLift™ 450 is a therapeutic full recliner and sleeper, which could extend independence by years for the disabled, elderly and those with mobility issues. Now WiseLift’s industry leading sleeper lift chair is available at factory direct prices, with special senior citizen and veteran discounts and with FREE white glove setup and delivery. People who have recently had surgery, have chronic illness, or have simply lost some of their mobility as they get older are prime candidates to use a lift chair. Lift chairs have come a long way in recent years offering unlimited positions and full sleeper capability. #1 Rated Lift Chair, Recliner and Sleeper Exciting new colors are now available in our newest stain and fade resistant fabrics. WiseLift™ Chairs are designed for ease of use with the highest quality of materials. With one remote, you control all functions including heat and massage, and getting up has never been easier! Over 1,000 Positions WiseLift converts to the Sleeper Position with the touch of a button for the ultimate comfort! Find your freedom and the ultimate in comfort The latest power lift technology in the WiseLift™ 450 gives you a therapeutic full recliner and sleeper offering independence for the disabled, elderly and those with medical issues. Breathable Memory Foam The WiseLift 450 is not only a lift chair it is a sleeper chair with layers of memory foam and 90 True comfort for long term all-day sitting, individually wrapped coils. It has six pre-programmed settings, but it has unlimited positions! reading, watching TV and reclining; sleeping all night. Independent adjustment of backrest and footrest allow infinite positions to perfectly A quality sleeper chair control your comfort - exactly the way you that will last a lifetime like it. The WiseLift chair T The WiseLift 450 is one of the best engineered rraises you gently lift chairs on the market. It is built from the More comfortable than your own bed. Fully and safely into an a recline to the lay-flat position to experience the highest quality materials and has a strong a almost standing tubular steel base for comfort and durability! most comfortable sleep chair ever. p position - allowing Innovation and Superior Design UNLIMITED POSITIONS The WiseLift chair has 5 preprogrammed positions: Sit, Sleep, TV, Zero Gravity and The Trendelenburg Position. SIDE POCKET STORAGE The Lift Chair has pockets on each side which is handy for books, magazines and other electronic devices. Comfort Comfort can also be found in the layers of high density memory foam and resiliency foam… Coupled with plush padding and 90 individually wrapped support coils. The WiseLift is built better than mattresses costing thousands! MASSAGE AND HEAT Therapeutic heat/massage extends from upper back to the lower legs. Includes zone control & sleep timer. The foundation of any power lift chair is its base mechanism and motors. The WiseLift 450 has two super silent motors operating independently to allow for infinite positons and has five preset positions. The backrest and footrest adjust to provide you maximum comfort. It is the #1 rated chair on the market. The WiseLift 450 has changed peoples lives y you to get in and o out of the chair w with ease. specia low Call for special factory direct prices! The manufacturer of the WiseLift 450 is offering it direct to consumers. Ask about the Medicare Instant Rebate to help pay for your WiseLift sleeper chair. Call to get factory direct prices and savings with no retail markups! “For the 1st time in over 28 years I’m able to sleep through the night! Because of my back problems and being disabled too, I can’t get comfortable at night! Now I’m sure my future is looking brighter because of this recliner as Factory Direct Infoline my life chair!” Mrs. C. 2018 Call for Medicare Instant Rebate! 1-800-613-3953 Copyright © 2019 Letronics, Inc. All rights reserved. WiseLift™ and Enduralux™ are registered trademarks of Letronics, Inc. This advertisement or any portion may not be reproduced or used in any manner. Consult your doctor for advice on treatment of medical conditions. Results may vary.

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