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Eliminate Belly Fat with Vinegar!

Find Out How…

by James Victor
If you want to lose weight and keep
it off -- hate dieting and are tired of
taking pills, buying costly diet foods or
gimmick “fast loss” plans that don’t
work-- you’ll love the easy Vinegar way
to lose all the pounds you want to lose.
And keep them off!

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9 O@!? >@!$@5@ *=0MI=K M,8OMI0
9 ,>@D: =,OK4,4S- 2HH, QD:7>D!!/
And there’s much more... just whip up
hG ch-' ghJLGN -Fdh /cfL3c ,F HhJc?
9 = ?P3@>'7! C!@DB%$Q& 'P>R7!D 'P>
9 OPR@RDA@ $Q& ?P3A@>
9 6>D$Q B!@DQ@> 'P> B!P&&@A A>D$Q<
9 6$<%3D<%@> A@:@>&@Q: :%D: RD#@<
dishes gleam
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9 +?%P!<:@>/ B!@DQ@> :%D: RD#@< 'DC>$B<
look new
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9 = &>@D: >7<: >@RP5@>
9 = !$'@ 'P> 3%$:@ >$Q&< DQA '@B: B!@DQ@> 'P> &P!AF <$!5@>
and pearl jewelry
9 = :PP:% 3%$:@Q@> :%D: RD#@< :@@:%
of The Magic of Baking Soda see Savings
Coupon with Free Gift Offer

An Ounce of Cayenne Pepper
is Worth a Pound of Cure
by James Victor
It has been called the most powerful
heart remedy known to medical science
because of its amazing ability to stop a
heart attack in just 30 seconds.
Famed physician and herbalist Dr.
John Christopher reported: “In 35 years
of medical practices I have never lost one
heart attack patient.” :%>$:$< ?D$Q DQA '$C>PR/D!&$D
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9 MR?>P5@ D!!@>&$@< DQA D<:%RD
9 .@!$@5@ 

@ :%>PD:PA7B:< DQA :P1$Q< TO ORDER A COPY of Cayenne Cures see Savings Coupon with Free Gift Offer Vinegar is like a Drugstore in a Bottle by James Victor Thousands of years ago ancient healers trusted apple cider vinegar, and modern research shows - vinegar truly is a wonder cure! From the Bible to Cleopatra to the fierce Samurai warriors of Japan, vinegar has been documented as a powerful tonic to ensure strength, power and long life. You’ll get easy recipes that mix vinegar with other common household items to help: a Calm an upset stomach a "h-c IcN f/hH3a =FF,Mc -3/hLGcd H+-fIca $FG,/FI h33c,L,c ,F IF-c )cLNM, a >cILc*c fF+NMa %hGL-M Gh+-ch a &/,M/L,L- 3hLG a ShJc MLff+3- dL-h33ch/ a $FFI h -+Gg+/G a %FF-, HcHF/' a >cd+fc -F/c ,M/Fh, 3hLG a >cILc*c L,fM' -JLG a TF)c/ gIFFd 3/c--+/c 5 fMFIc-terol a "ILHLGh,c gIhddc/ LGOcf,LFGa $Mh-c h)h' h fFId a cd+fc LGOcf,LFG &Ld dLNc-,LFG VH3/F*c HcHF/' =FF,Mc -F/c Occ, cHF*c fF/G- 5 fhII+-c>c3Ihfc HhG' MF+-cMFId fIchGc/And that’s just the beginning of the over 1000 new and improved hints and tips that you’ll get. Strep and Staph infections? Vinegar L- h 3F)c/O+I hG,L-c3,Lf hGd JLII- c*cG these dangerous bacteria on contact. Headaches will fade away with this simple vinegar concoction. !ccI NFFd hGd IFFJ NFFd )L,M ,Mc-c MhL/ hGd -JLG]O/LcGdI' *LGcNh/ remedies. You’ll learn when you should and should not use vinegar. Yes that’s over 1000 tried-and-true remedies and recipes in this handsome collector’s edition and it’s yours to cGKF' OF/ @[]/L-J O/cc dh'-\ c-ch/fM Mh- dL-fF*c/cd ,Mh, hydrogen peroxide enables your immune system to function properly andfightinfectionanddisease.Doctors Mh*c OF+Gd L, fhG -M/LGJ ,+HF/- hGd treat allergies, Alzheimer’s, asthma, clogged arteries, diabetes, digestive problems and migraine headaches. Smart consumers nationwide are also discovering there are hundreds of health cures and home remedy uses for hydrogen peroxide. A new gFFJ fhIIcd The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide is now available that tells you exactly how to use hydrogen peroxide by itself... and mixed with -LH3Ic c*c/'dh' JL,fMcG L,cH-\\\ ,F HhJc ILGLHcG,-_ /+g-_ IF,LFG-_ -FhJand tonics that treat a wide variety of ailments. V, fFG,hLG- ,c-,cd hGd 3/F*cG MchI,M cures that do everything from relieving chronic pain ,F HhJLGN age spots go away. You’ll be amazed to see how a little hydrogen peroxide mixed with a pinch of this or that from your cupboard can: 9 .@!$@5@ D>:%>$:$%@7RD:$@D: D:%!@:@S< 'PP:F 'PP: DQA QD$! fungus 9 8!@D> 7? D!!@>&$@< DQA <$Q7< problems 9 -PP:%@

@ :%>PD:P/ A@Q:D! CDB:@>$D DQA %@D! gingivitis 9 O@!? %@D! BP!A


@< 9 .@!$@5@ $Q<@B: C$:@< DQA <:$Q&< 9 -PP:%@

@ '@@:F 3P7QA< DQA B7:< %@D! faster 9 8!@D> 7? DBQ@F >D<%@< DQA D&@ R< PQ #$:B%@Q <7>'DB@< and utensils 9 JD#@ D ?P3@>'7! $Q& ?P3A@> that works wonders on sinks, refrigerators and ovens 9 6$<$Q'@B: BP''@@ RD#@>A< DQA spoons 9 JD#@ 3PPA '!PP>P7: DQA linoleum gleam 9 L$!! CDB:@>$D PQ '>7$:< 9 8!@DQ DQA A$<$Q'@B: ?@: <:D$Q< 9 .@RP5@ RP!A DQA R$!A@3 9 .@RP5@ 3$Q@F $Q# DQA C!PPA <:D$Q< 9 ;PP<: !D7QA>/ A@:@>&@Q:< 9 8!@DQ 3$QAP3< " R$>>P>< 9 .$A ?@:< P' ?D>D<$:@< 9 JD#@ ?!DQ:< '!P7>$<% TO ORDER A COPY of The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide see Savings Coupon with Free Gift iY[Z@ U#V SQPZ[D=[A Offer Savings Coupon Wc/c4- MF) ,F Nc, ,Mc-c gFFJ- FG h @[ dh' HFGc' ghfJ N+h/hG,cc\ =LH3I' OLII F+, this coupon and mail to: James Direct Inc., Dept. MPQ269, 500 S. Prospect Ave., Box 980, Hartville, Ohio 44632 R/ $hII "" -ML33LGN hGd MhGdILGN\

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