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HOMEWISE Home Privacy Solutions Real Estate Tips and Advice Privacy and personal space are among the top advantages we expect and desire with home ownership. You may be friendly or even close to your neighbors, but we all value the security of knowing our homes are also private sanctuaries. But if you feel as if some neighbors linger too long or are too interested in what’s going on in your home, there are some subtle and easy ways to protect your privacy and block their view. You’ll thwart those eyes (and over-interest) and ease your mind at the same time with these collection of tips from WINDOW TINTING You don’t have to paint your windows black for privacy. If curtains or shades don’t do the trick or turns rooms too dark, one of the easiest ways to achieve privacy and good lighting is by using window tinting. These coverings come in a variety of values from dark to light that allow you to control the amount of light while obscuring activity within. True reflective tinting goes even further, effectively creating a two-way mirror that will puzzle prying neighbors. Test them out before buying in case you need curtains at night. CELLULAR SHADES AND TAPESTRIES Cellular shades are light-filtering © ADOBE STOCK blinds that allow sunlight to shine through while also offering plenty of privacy. These affordable shades come in many colors to complement any home decor, but white or light gray will offer the most light to filter through. While it may not suit everyone’s style, using a tapestry or decorative cloth to cover windows is another effective method. Because these fabrics tend to be cheaper, they allow more light in than traditional heavier curtains. Sheer white curtains are another options recommended by decorators. They offer privacy and classic style, and can hang from inexpensive wall hooks and rods if you’re renting and don’t want to make a big investment in curtains. Potted bushes are the answer if you can’t plant more expensive hedges. Because they’re decorative, potted plants and bushes create privacy without saying, “I’m fencing you out.” Trellises are also inexpensive and decorative. They repel nosy neighbors and can become the framework for OUTDOOR PRIVACY flowers and climbing vines. You can Fences, trellises, hedges and potted also hang fabric from trellises. bushes all offer attractive options to Another advantage is mobility. outline your property and ensure your Trellises can be easily moved to block privacy. Which you choose depends prying eyes from different directions. on your budget and the degree of priAnother bonus: You can take these vacy you wish to achieve. items with you if you move.

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