Details for TIMES NEWS REAL ESTATE - Ad from 2021-09-25

How to prepare your home for a photo shoot Since most prospective homebuyers start their search online, it’s vital that your property is listed with beautiful, high-quality images. In addition to hiring a professional who specializes in real estate photography, here’s what you can do to make sure your home looks its best. BACKYARD Vacuum the pool, clean the barbecue and neatly arrange the patio furniture.Trim shrubs, rake leaves and consider adding fresh flowers to your garden. Make sure all toys and tools are out of sight. FRONT YARD Remove cars, garbage cans, bikes and other items from the driveway. Use the garage for storage as needed.You should also mow the lawn and freshen up the landscaping. By following these tips, your photos are sure to make a good first impression. If you want to maximize your home’s appeal to potential buyers, consider having it staged by a professional before the photo shoot. KITCHEN Clear the countertops of all clutter including knife blocks, soap dispensers and paper towel holders. Leave out no more than one small appliance. Hide the garbage can in a closet and take everything off the fridge. BATHROOMS Close the toilet seat cover, put out fresh towels and remove mats to show off the floor. Install a neutral shower curtain. Clear the countertop, bathtub and shower of all personal items including soap, toothbrushes and shampoo bottles. LIVING SPACES Clear all surfaces of everything but decorative pieces. Hide or replace personal photos with landscape shots. Wash windows and open the blinds and curtains. Check for burned out bulbs,and make sure all your lighting is the same temperature. BEDROOMS Make the beds and neatly arrange throw pillows or blankets. Remove all clutter from the nightstands and dressers. If you have walk-in closets you want to feature, make sure they’re presentable. A NOTE FOR PET OWNERS Make arrangements so your pets aren’t around during the shoot. This will make it easier for the photographer to work. Store bedding, toys and other supplies out of view. Pick up droppings in the backyard as needed.

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