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HOMEWISE Real Estate Tips and Advice Wake Up Your Lawn for Spring In many parts of the country, the end of daylight savings time brings the arrival of spring. And along with the sun comes the return of leafy trees and the greening of winterworn lawns. Wake up your lawn for spring with these tips. How you care for your lawn depends on what type of grass you grow. Understanding the © ADOBE STOCK type of grass you have as spring dawns will help you REAL ESTATE 101 keep it growing and healthy all year long. Lawn Care Increases the Value of your Home Depending on your weather, say the experts at House In one survey, 94% of top agents said that great curb appeal equals money in your bank account at Logic, your grass begins growclosing — and you don’t have to break the bank to wow buyers, either. Regular lawn care — mowing, ing in earnest in spring. applying fertilizer and weed control — recovers an estimated 267% of the cost of upkeep at the time Approaching your first mowof sale. Learn more about that green value from HomeLight at ing, avoid cutting wet grass. It may spread disease and you’ll clog your lawn mower. back-up blade on hand is also er’s small engine. Dispose of your lawn for fertilizer helpful. it properly and fill up with a and herbicides. GET YOUR MOWER Remember, your mower new tank. FERTILIZING will likely be a little “out of IN SHAPE Before you get started, TIDY UP YOUR LAWN If you didn’t fertilize in the tune” in the months its spent sharpen your mower blades fall — and you should, espewithout use. Install new Cleaning up your lawn will for clean cuts. Dull blades rip spark plugs and an air filter, cially in colder climates — make it easier to mow. Break at grass, leaving behind jagnow’s the time. along with fresh oil and gas. out the rake and get rid of ged edges that discolor and You’ll know it’s time when Don’t start up using old gas. leaves and twigs that have invite pathogens, according to Winter moisture can accuaccumulated over the winter. your grass begins its first House Logic. Having a sharp growth spurt. mulate and harm your mow- Clearing debris will open AERATION Aerating will punch small holes in the lawn to allow water, fertilizers and oxygen to seep into grass roots. Choose a damp day when an aeration machine can perform most efficiently. HERBICIDES Use pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds and crabgrass. Using a soil thermometer, say experts, is the perfect tool to determine when to use herbicide (58 degrees to halt crabgrass, for example). BEWARE GRUB WORMS Warm weather brings grub worms and other beetles to feed on your lawn, causing brown and wilted patches. To inspect, pull back sod and look for white, C-shaped grubs, say Home Logic experts. More than 10 per square foot and you should treat with a chemical pesticide. Milky spore is an environmentally friendly way to control some species of grubs. CUTTING TIP As summer approaches, your grass will begin growing faster. It might be necessary to cut more than once a week. But to keep your lawn healthy for the long, warm weather ahead, mow often enough to remove no more than a third of the grass blade.

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