Details for TIMES NEWS REAL ESTATE - Ad from 2021-01-09

3 smart home features that buyers want One of the best ways to gain an edge in the real estate market is with smart technologies that provide improvements in comfort, convenience and security. Here are three smart home features that home buyers are increasingly interested in. 1. SMART HOME SECURITY Smart security systems provide robust all-round protection. They consolidate various security tools — burglar alarms, fire alarms, locks, surveillance cameras and lighting — in one wallmounted touch panel and smart phone app, allowing you to fine-tune your home security and manage and monitor your system from a distance. 2. SMART THERMOSTATS Smart thermostats allow homeowners to remotely adjust their heating and air conditioning using an application on their phone. Many can also be paired with ventilation systems and humidifiers. These devices help homeowners save energy and enjoy optimal comfort by automatically adjusting the temperature according to their usage needs and preferences. 3. SMART APPLIANCES Homebuyers appreciate that smart fridges, washers, dryers, stoves and other appliances are generally more energy efficient and offer various useful features. For example, a smart stove allows users to preheat the oven from their smartphone and receive alerts when the cooking has finished. Additionally, certain smart washer and dryer units use artificial intelligence to determine the weight and fabric softness of each load in order to select the optimal wash cycle. If you have any of these home technologies, flaunt them when selling your house. If not, consider upgrading your home to make it “smarter.”

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