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HOMEWISE Real Estate Tips and Advice CLEAN ROUTINE Keep Your House in Tip-Top Shape routine and do regular maintenance cleanings that take a fraction of the time but keep your house looking pristine. Believe it or not, some people find house cleaning relaxing. If you’re not one of those people, read on for some ways to keep your house clean without even trying. OK, so maybe barely trying. ESTABLISH A ROUTINE A great way to keep your house looking its best with minimal effort is to establish and stick to a regular rotation of chores. Mondays, clean the bathrooms. Tuesdays are for the kitchen. Wednesdays for floors, and so on. Pay attention to the routines of your household to determine the best days for you. The key is to do a little at a time to keep the whole thing clean all of the time. USE THE RIGHT TOOLS You’re not using a dirty sock to wipe down your windows, right? Right? Take a trip to the store and grab a few great cleaning tools and use the right tool for the job. Get a good duster. A good broom. A good vacuum and mop. Make sure all your tools are easy to hold and carry. Get a carrier or a bucket to put them all in as you go from room to room. For some green points, replace paper towels with lintfree towels or cleaning rags. GET ON THE GRID When you tackle a room, clean from left to right and top to bottom. That way, you don’t miss any part of the room. Vacuum in rows, leaving no carpet fiber untouched. Dust and wipe down in rows, too, using small circles if you’re working on a surface prone to streaks. Think wax on, wax off. HIRING A PROFESSIONAL There’s a lot to consider when it comes to hiring a person that may look at your underwear drawer (at least on the outside) every few weeks. Are you going to go with a big company — that probably does background checks — or a sole proprietor, where the same person comes every week? Ask around to your friends and family, and your neighbors, about cleaning professionals they’ve used. Either service may offer a discount for spending the day in your neighborhood. Either will also want to © ADOBE STOCK come check out your house DEEP CLEANING VS. MAINTENANCE CLEANING before their first cleaning, You don’t have to clean all and should give you a the things at once. Schedule written estimate. Be upfront about your expectations. (either by yourself or by Also, be prepared for that a professional. More on first cleaning to take longer that later.) a regular deep and be more expensive than cleaning of your whole house. Then get on that subsequent visits.

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