Details for TIMES NEWS - Ad from 2019-05-22

The Times-News has been awarded the Idaho Press Club’s highest honor General Excellence – Daily Print - 1st Place, Times-News Times-News staff members also received 25 other awards at the “Best of 2018” event and took third place for best website among daily papers. *Spot News Coverage – Daily Print 3rd Laurie Welch – Times-News – “Burley bombing: Police say suspicious vehicle spotted before bomb planted” *Serious Feature Report – Daily Print 1st Gretel Kauffman – Times-News – “Suicide rates in Idaho and the Mountain West are steadily rising” *Light Feature Report – Daily Print 2nd Mychel Matthews – Times-News – “Sixty years after her death, the legend of Twin Falls serial killer Lyda Southard lives on” *Series – Daily Print 2nd Staff – Times-News – “Growing Up: Magic Valley’s Vision for the Future” *Graphics – Daily Print 1st Drew Nash – Times-News – “Educator’s Ethics” 2nd Pat Sutphin – Times-News – “Liquor Sales by County” *Arts / Entertainment Reporting – Daily Print 3rd Bowen West – Times-News – “To make a meat pie, you’ve got to slit a couple of throats: ‘Sweeney Todd’ premieres at Orpheum Theatre” *Education Reporting– Daily Print 1st Julie Wootton-Greener – Times-News – “Schools grapple with the growth of special education” *Religion Reporting – Daily Print 3rd Julie Wootton-Greener – Times-News- “’Times have changed’: How 5 of Twin Falls’ historic downtown churches are trying to adapt to a new era” *Rookie of the Year – Daily Print 2nd Sean Whooley – Times-News *Sports Talk Show 3rd Sean Whooley – Times-News – “Magic Valley Sports” *Best Multimedia Reporting 2nd Drew Nash – Times-News – “Inside the Frame” *Website – General Excellence – Daily 3rd Staff – Times-News – *Spot News Photography 1st Pat Sutphin – Times-News – “Ladder Smoke” *Feature Photography – Light 1st Pat Sutphin – Times-News – “Aerial Acrobat” 2nd Pat Sutphin – Times-News – “Grad Walk” *Feature Photography – Serious 1st Drew Nash – Times-News – “Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Center” 2nd Pat Sutphin – Times-News – “Training Burn” *General News Photography 3rd Pat Sutphin – Times-News – “Refugee Transportation” *Sports News Photography 1st Drew Nash – Times-News – “Boys Soccer – Bliss vs. Timberlake” 2nd Pat Sutphin – Times-News – “Bloody Boxer” *Photo Essay 3rd Drew Nash – Times-News – “Life in the Fastlane” *Environment Reporting – Daily Print 3rd Mychel Matthews – Times-News – “Rock Creek Canyon Recovery” *Photo Package 2nd Drew Nash – Times-News – “Treefort 2018” *Health/Medical Reporting – Daily Print 2nd Gretel Kauffman – Times-News – “Rural doctor shortage problem persists, but solutions could be on the horizon” *Food Photography 3rd Drew Nash – Times-News – “Von Scheidt’s takes cooking into their own hands” Our mission is simple. Take care of and support our community. We will accomplish this by having a passion for our customers and always seeking to understand their needs and goals. ~ Matt Sandberg, Publisher READ. CONNECT. INTERACT. Times-News,

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