Details for STOKES FOODS * - Ad from 2019-05-11

MothER’S event! Day Join us Saturday from Noon 6 for FREE Hot Dogs & Soda! KIDS PLANT AN ICE CRE AM BIODEGRA DABLE CONE FLOW ER FOR FREE! 1 0-2 while sup When you buy flowers & pot with us on site from 10 -4! plies last 12” PREMIUM WHITE/YELLOW HANGING BASKETS 16” BLU Planter 4.96 10” PREMIUM HANGING BASKETS 19.99 STRAWBERRY PREMIUM HANGING BASKETS 24.99 9.96 20QT RED Party Bucket FREE Soil! 23.99 8” HEARTBEAT PETUNIAS SQ DECORATIVE PLANTERS Colored Tomato Cages FS BLU FLD Sling Chair 12” P PATIO POPPER 2.99 9.96 14.5” BRN Cadiz Lantern 24.99 10” HANGING BASKETS PLASTIC FS 9’ NAVY/ WHT Umbrella 9.96 14.99 19.96 4QT WHT/Dot Slow Cooker FS Vero RED Stack Chair 9.96 9.96 12.99 MOSS VARIETY 2PK AND 4PK ANNUALS AND VEGETABLES *PLUS WHEN YOU BUY BY THE FLAT SAVE EXTRA 10% 1.79 42LED Swivel Task Light 2.96 12" Rattan Lantern 7.96 FS Vero BRN Stack Chair 9.96 BLK Organizer Desk Lamp 2.96 16QT Profile Cooler 19.96 FS Vero GRN Stack Chair 9.96 COB LED Switch Light 1.96 20QT BLU Party Bucket 9.96 FS Vero BLU Stack Chair 9.96 SM Suet Bird Feeder 9.96 FS 3PC Bantry Chat Set 99.96 FS Boston Padded Chair 19.96 LG Suet Bird Feeder 4.96 FS 9' BGE/WHT Umbrella 19.96 FS Tan FLD Sling Chair 9.96 12" New Orleans Basket 4.96 FS BLK Umbrella Base 9.96 FS RED FLD Sling Chair 9.96 14" Pepp Milano Planter 2.96 FS BLK Umbrella Base 9.96 FS Basic Quad Chair 6.96 3PK Pillar Candle Set 4.96 FS Verona Umbrella Base 9.96 FS Camo OverSZ Armchair 9.96 Person/Offic Humidifier 4.96 FS Sector Umbrella Base 9.96 Backpack Chair/Cooler 19.96 Solar Glass Mosaic Ball 6.96 FS 9' BRN STL Umbrella 19.96 BigEasy Port Adir Chair 19.96 LED Hang Glass Jar 9.96 FS 9' HG WD Umbrella 19.96 BRN Low Back Chair 6.96 Mason Jar Solar Lantern 9.96 FS 9' BGE WD Umbrella 19.96 7QT WHT/GRY Slow Cooker 14.96 9.25"Cera Solar Lantern 9.96 FS72LT Umbrella LGT Set 9.96 FIREPIT DOUBLES AS A GRILL 99.99 CLR Glass Candle Holder 6.96 Bellevue 40" SQ Table 49.96 12" PRMIUM TALL CONTAINERS 24.99 17" BLK MTL Lantern 9.96 Bellevue Sling Chair 9.96 GERANIUM GALLONS 2/$10 1310 POMERELLE AVE, BURLEY, IDAHO 83318 | 208-678-0425

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