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Education is your Right Great Education is your Choice. North Valley Academy is a free, K-12, public charter school currently offering open enrollment in all grades. We offer a classical based, rigorous education geared toward molding young men and women into patriotic, educated leaders. NVA strives to bring out the best in every student. Our school year starts after Labor Day and ends around Memorial Day. Students attend classes Monday through Friday. With exceptional academics and high expectations, our students are propelled to success through not only academics, but an embedded character education program and a school focused on the importance of giving back to the community. Our community minded school participates in several community service projects throughout the year. North Valley Academy sports a patriotic red, white, and blue dress code which keeps learning as our number one priority by allowing students to feel safe from judgement. North Valley Academy has an amazing strings orchestra program. All students begin the strings program in the 4th grade. The program provides wonderful musical education for our students and entertainment for many events throughout the year. Your children deserve an educational system that fosters academic success and creativity. Your children deserve to be in a school that cares about them both as a student and a person. Your children deserve to reach their potential in a safe environment that will guide them to success in all aspects of their life. Education is your children’s right, but great education is a choice offered to your children at North Valley Academy. North Valley Academy is one of the high performing schools in the Magic Valley, and we have seen continued growth over the past few years. Slots are filling up quickly for the 2019–2020 school year. Enroll your student today to experience a classical, rigorous, and patriotic education that stands out above the rest. Lottery for the 2019–2020 school year is April 6th North Valley Academy is located at 906 Main Street, Gooding, Idaho, 83330. Please visit our website at: or call us at: 208–934–4567

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