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This picture clearly illustrates the good and bad involved with irrigation maintenance easements. The easement on the left side provides
access and is properly maintained. The right side of the canal cannot be maintained because there is a grain crop planted too close plus
there is a buried irrigation mainline running down the middle of the easement with many risers (the arrow points to one) that would be
damaged or destroyed if mowing were attempted. The bank is now dotted with trees and infested with weeds including Canadian thistle.
A few examples of the
typical kinds of blocked
access issues due to
encroachment into canal
and ditch easements.
(Left) Trees, buildings, a
corral and hay stacks;
(Right) a chain link fence.
(Below). A house, fence
and telephone line riser
box; a center pivot
parked in the canal rightof-way.
Phone Riser Box
Canal Headgate

Two typical kinds of
encroachments into the
maintenance easement.
(Left) An iron fence on
the left bank blocks
access for mowing or
removing trees that are
invading the canal.
(Right) Corral poles
prevent any access to
the canal banks.
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Animals allowed into
easement areas can
cause serious damage
to canal banks as
shown in the two
photos on the right.
(Top) Cattle hooves
have cut a groove in
allowing water to
escape. (Bottom) Cattle
roaming freely in the
easement have caused
serious damage to the
bank of the canal

• Easement areas are not public property
and are not open to public use.
Unauthorized use of these strips of land
amounts to trespassing. Swimming in
canals or laterals is very dangerous and not
allowed. It also constitutes trespassing.
• Construction or other activities are not
allowed in easement areas if they will
interfere with the irrigation entity’s access,
operation, maintenance and repair
• Be aware that the irrigation entity
sometimes uses chemical weed killer as
part of its regular bank maintenance. In
these cases, every possible effort is made to
make sure the spray is applied only in the
easement. Weed burning may also pose a
risk to structures, fences, landscaping or
shrubbery that have encroached into the
easement area.
• The owners or operators of ditches used
for irrigation purposes are responsible for
maintenance and repair of ditches to
prevent damage or injury to property
owners, whether on lands of the owners or
operators of ditches or upon other lands
• More information about rights-of-way
and easements for irrigation districts, canal
companies, etc., can be found in Idaho
Code Title 42, Chapters 11 and 12.

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