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PAID ADVERTISEMENT Joint Pain Sufferers Kick Up Their Heels with Maximum-Strength Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Now legal in 50 states, won’t get you high, completely erases joint and muscle pain sensations, deep sleep, too! Advanced, cold-pressed extraction of pharmacologically active oil from select, organic hemp plants alleviates muscle and joint pain, while promoting restful sleep, and a sense of happiness. A Puzzling Mystery PHILADELPHIA– The search is over for those seeking a safe, natural way to relieve moderate to severe muscle and joint pain. This week, thanks to landmark legislation passed by Congress, which makes pain-killing hemp legal in all 50 states, all Americans now have equal, unfettered access to what may be the strongest, legal pain-killer available today. In 1992, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, a professor of medicinal chemistry, stumbled on an unknown protein molecule in the body. He knew it was a ligand, a unique chemical that fits inside a specific receptor — like a key in its own lock — but he had no idea what the molecule did or where to look for its elusive receptor. Rx-Quality, Powerful Then, It Dawned on Him Healing Labs of Los Angeles has announced the release of the first pharmaceutical-quality, cold-pressed, whole plant extract derived from highgrade, organic, non-GMO hemp. The golden oil, which has a slight minty taste, is placed by dropper under the tongue, held there for 60 seconds, and then swallowed. Helps Swollen Joints, Muscle Spasms & Nerve Pain Used daily, full-spectrum hemp oil can help erase pain and swelling in joints throughout the body. “On day three,” writes one user, “I am quite surprised and hopeful that what I feel in my legs is real and that it will last. The pain, tightness, and swelling I’ve had for years has just gone away. Unbelievable!” Nature’s Best Pain-Killing Compound “It’s the Cadillac of hemp-based pain medicine,” says Keith McPherson, a consultant to the industry. A recent review reveals 35 controlled studies involving more than 2,000 subjects, investigating hemp’s pain-relieving powers. Doctors Give It a Thumbs-Up Medical organizations like the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Family Physicians support access to hemp and its therapeutic, health-improving ingredients. Unlike its sister plant, marijuana, which contains THC, the pesky ingredient that makes you high, the hemp plant does not contain THC and will not make users feel high. Government Hypocrisy? The federal government deems marijuana to be a deadly Schedule 1 drug, on par with heroin, but in October, 2003, the US government secretly patented hemp’s therapeutic ingredients (USPO #6,630,507) for its anti-epileptic, neuroprotective, intra-ocular eye pressure-lowering benefits, and other aspects. The hemp revolution began 28 years ago with an accidental discovery. He realized that he had seen this chemical before. He was sure that it was a plant chemical; manufactured by certain plants, especially the cannabis and hemp plant, which produced the compound in copious amounts. He was shocked to learn that this chemical, which is made in the body, was actually a cannabinoid, one of nearly 100 pharmacologically active, therapeutic compounds also produced in the hemp plant! Why was the body making its own cannabinoids, wondered the doctor. Dr. Mechoulam went on to discover other cannabinoids produced in the body. He also found the elusive, ‘mis- sing’ receptors, too, but he wasn’t prepared for what he discovered. Hiding in Plain Sight: A Vast Natural Medicine Network He was shocked to discover the EndoCannabinoid System (ECS), a vast, body-wide network of trillions of cannabinoid receptors, heavily concentrated in the brain, in every organ, gland, tendon, even your cartilage. It runs down the length of the spine, through your entire nervous system, to the tips of your fingers and toes. When cannabinoids, whether produced by the body or from hemp, connect with their receptors, marvelous things begin to happen. Feel Stronger, Happier, Pain-Free! Users report feeling calmer, more at ease, blood pressure normalizes, pain subsides, sleep, digestion, and circulation improves, immune powers strengthen, and people, in general, feel happier and more content. Cannabinoids like those in Healing Labs’ full-spectrum hemp oil have even been found effective in reducing anxiety from public speaking! Feel Your Joint Pain Disappear There’s one thing that hemp does better than anything else, and that’s relieve the pain, swelling, and aching from sore joints and muscles. In fact, the cannabinoids found in full-spectrum, whole plant hemp oil work so well for pain that scientists are considering it as a new class of drugs for chronic pain. Starts Working in Minutes Congress legalizes hemp, nationwide, giving citizens equal access to powerful, safe, prescription-free pain relief. Cannabinoids attack pain quickly, relieving swollen, sore joints by stabilizing distraught nerve cells to prevent excessive firing, ‘calming’ injured tissues, and dampening the release of chemicals that cause swelling. Susan K. injured her wrist playing volleyball at the beach. “It got to where I couldn’t shift gears in my car without pain. In two days after using hemp oil, the pain disappeared. It hasn’t come back either,” she smiled. Back Pain Melts Away Retired school teacher, Barbara M., age 61, began using high-strength hemp oil for back pain. She also received a pleasant surprise. “After a couple of days, I noticed that my back pain was melting away. I no longer had stiffness and pain from sitting too long.” Ear-to-Ear Smile You’ll Feel So Good She also noticed a change in how she felt. “I became more upbeat and, I hate to say it, I feel more perky now. But don’t tell my friends. I’ll never hear the end of it,” she laughs. What’s Best: CBD Oil or… Whole Plant, Hemp Oil? There is a lot of confusion about what’s best: a CBD oil that contains one or two cannabinoids (there are hundreds of products like this), or a whole plant, full-spectrum hemp oil like that from Healing Labs, which contains ALL of the cannabinoids found in hemp. “Companies that cherry-pick one or two cannabinoids are missing the boat,” says McPherson. “Studies show that they just don’t work as well.” Preclinical data shows that multiple cannabinoids are far more effective at reducing pain than a single cannabinoid. This is called the ‘entourage effect.’ The ‘Entourage’ Effect University of Milan investigators found that single cannabinoids produce limited relief compared to full-spectrum, whole plant extracts, which are brimming with multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavoniods. “The only way to be sure that you’re getting exactly what you need is to use an organic, pharmaceutical-quality whole plant extract that offers the full-spectrum of hemp’s healing compounds,” adds McPherson. Healing Lab’s Hemp Oil Extract contains pure, whole plant, pharmaceutical-quality hemp oil extract, the same remarkable substance used in research studies worldwide. It’s the only source of organic, alcohol-free, pesticide-free, non-GMO, hemp oil on the market today. Call 1-888-893-3316 now to see how you can reserve a free supply of Healing Lab’s Hemp Oil extract. This natural compound comes with a 90-day, industry-leading satisfaction guarantee, so you can experience its long-term results, completely risk-free! Call 1-888-893-3316 for more information. The ‘free supply’ offer is limited to available inventory. Call now while supplies last. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Hemp Oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results may vary from person to person.

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