Details for Pickleball court comples RFQ


REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS FOR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION SERVICES The City of Rupert, Idaho is seeking qualified contractors to design and construct a pickleball court complex that includes all related appurtenances at Neptune Park. A more detailed description of the General Scope of Services being requested can be found on the City of Rupert's website at Submittals will be evaluated, ranked, and scored on the following criteria: Qualifications of the Firm, Project Manager, and Other Team Members/(30) Relevant Project Experience and Project Schedule (50) References (10) Other Considerations (10) Selection Committee Interview (optional) (50) Proposals may be submitted electronically and/or in hard copy. If a hard copy is provided, please submit three (3) hardbound copies of the proposals in a sealed envelope or package. Clearly marked submittals with the firm's name and address indicated on the package to Requested for Qualifications for Construction - Pickleball Courts. Proposals must be received by the City of Rupert no later than February 27, 2019 by 2:00 p.m. Submit hard copy proposals to: Request for Qualification for Construction - Pickleball Courts City of Rupert P.O. Box 426 Rupert, Idaho 83350 Submit electronic proposals to: Subject Line: Request for Qualification for Construction - Pickleball Courts The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. Michael D. Brown, Mayor PUBLISH: February 11 and February 18, 2020



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