Details for LEGAL NOTICE the Big Wood River


LEGAL NOTICE The Magic Valley Regional Office of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game has been notified by The Wood River Land Trust and the Diversion 45 Water Master, that the Big Wood River has reached critically low flows, not suitable for fish survival. Flows on the Big Wood River will remain critically low and/or the river will be dry over the next several weeks, from below Diversion 45 to Glendale Road Bridge. Fish in the river will die as water levels recede. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game recognizes the value of these fish as a food resource, and that these fish can be reasonably utilized by the public. Effective September 11, 2021, and extending through October 1, 2021, fish may be taken by any method except firearms, explosives, chemicals or electric current. All size and bag limits are suspended. Fishing with bait during the salvage is allowed. In accordance with Section 36-401, Idaho Code, a valid Idaho fishing license is required. Copies of Order 21-57 are available at the Idaho Department of Fish and Game headquarters, 600 South Walnut, PO Box 25, Boise, Idaho 83707. DATED this 9th day of September, 2021. IDAHO FISH AND GAME COMMISSION /s/Ed Schriever, Secretary PUBLISH: 15 and 16 of September, 2021



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