1. I think the only bullying going on here is the parents that have made this a national issue. Im sorry that the parents here were unable to help their kids reach their reading goal. A student that is not a strong reader is not going to set a goal that he sees as impossible. I know for a fact that the schools are big on reading. My daughter is in second grade and reads every night. Parents need to work harder with their kids instead of letting the teachers do it all at school. Kids not meeting the goals is a reflection on the bad parents who dont take the time to help the kids. This whole thing is bullying but not the way everyone is looking at it. The parents are teaching the kids that its okay to bully the teacher. By making this such a huge deal, kids are taught that if you don't like what happens then you can bully those authority figures and made what happened okay. Money and social status are not an excuse for bullying. Just because you are so and so and have a lot of money doesnt mean that you can throw it around and get what you want.
    November 22, 2012 12:47 pm on
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