Old Barns

The Uhlig barn near Murtaugh, photographed Oct. 19.


Built: about 1915

Location: 3484 E. 3500 N. (north side of road), Murtaugh

Size: 60 feet long, 35 feet wide, 35 feet tall

Its past: German immigrants George and Elsie Fisher settled in the Murtaugh area in 1914. They made their home one mile south of Murtaugh, where they farmed and grew apples. Their orchard saved their farm during the Great Depression.

A barn sat behind their home for nearly 70 years at U.S. 30 and 4550 East.

Joffre Jensen bought the Fisher place and later sold the barn to Ed Uhlig, once Jensen’s boss and owner of a large farm and feedlot east of the Hansen Butte.

Its status: In 1982 or ‘83, house movers lifted the barn to get planks under it, then placed wheels under the planks, said Dan Graff of Murtaugh, who worked on Uhlig Ranch at the time. A truck pulled the barn about four miles to the ranch, where Uhlig transformed the barn into his office.

The barn is still used as an office today.


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