1913 - Rupert electric high school built

1913 - Rupert police department organized

1913 - Legislature passed bill creating Minidoka County

1914 - Rupert electric high school opens

1914 - World War I begins

1914 - Heyburn is first Idaho State basketball champs

1916 - Project Mutual Telephone Cooperative Association is organized

1916-17 - Courthouse built

1917 - The Amalgamated Sugar Co. Paul factory opens

1918 - First burial in Paul cemetery

1919 - Minidoka County quarantined for Spanish flu

1920 - Wilson Theatre opens

1920 - First woman pilot to receive license, Aero Club of America, Mrs. Volera Eomanza Nelson.

1920 - Minidoka Bank (city) was chartered in 1920 with D.L. Evans, Pres. Bank moved to Paul in 1926. It was the only bank in the county to weather the Great Depression.

1925 - First hospital, Dr. Leland Frazier

1927 - Rupert Cemetery moved to MAR Cemetery

1927 - Verberg Bridge (toll) built between Burley and Heyburn replaces 1907 version

1929 - First talking picture show at Wilson Theatre "The Singing Fool"

1929 - Stock market crashes

1931 - 11-ton jackrabbit drive three miles north of Rupert

1934 - Earthquake damages Pioneer School

1932 - Last settler leaves the failed dry farms of Kimama -Minidoka where the land returned to sage and homes either fell to ruin or were burned.

1936 - New high school built in Acequia

1938 - CCCs arrive at Paul and Minidoka Dam.

1944 - Camp Rupert, Prisoner of War Camp, Italian, and German POWs opens

1946 - Minidoka County Sheriff's posse organized

1947 - Julian Clawson of Rupert discovers vast reservoir of underground water beneath Minidoka County, effectively beginning pump-based irrigation on the Snake River Plain.

1948 - 17 school districts consolidate into one

1949 - Clawson's deep-well irrigation in Minidoka County opens up 30,000 acres of private land development, plus more than 60,000 acres of public land by 1960.

1950 - Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of “Tarzan” stories dies.

1952 - The U.S. Senate presented the act for Rev. James R. Crowe, a local Methodist minister to buy land for the Idaho Youth Ranch.

1953 - GI homestead lotteries begin

1956 - J.R. Simplot breaks ground on Heyburn plant

1955-56 - Minico High School opens, thee high schools consolidated

1955 - Overland Bridge constructed, concrete and steel

1958 - Wilson Labor Camp organized

1958 - A.C. DeMary presents DeMary Memorial Library to the city of Rupert

1961 - Minidoka Memorial Hospital built

1965 - The Arvon Theatre in Paul closes

1974 - 129-day strike by grain millers' union partially shuts down Simplot's Heyburn plant.

1974 - Interstates 84 and 86 are completed in southern Idaho, drying up traffic and business along the old U.S. 30 corridor between Heyburn and Bliss.

1977 - Most severe drought since 1930s batters farm income.

1977 - Arson fire destroys Paul Elementary School

1978 - Minidoka County Historical Society Museum established

1989 - Burned and dismembered infant found in Minidoka landfill sparks years of national Baby X Satanic worship debate

1993 - Rupert Chamber of Commerce and Burley Chamber of Commerce merge into Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce

1998 - Mini-Cassia Chamber of Commerce builds on northeast corner of Burley-Heyburn Bridge

1997 - Simplot lays off half its work force in Heyburn citing a soft fast-food market and recession in Asia.

1997 - Snake River floods damage homes and property on both sides of the river

2000 - Heyburn opens new Heyburn Riverside RV Park

2001 - New Overland Bridge dedicated

2002 - Rupert's business district becomes National Historic District

2003 - J.R. Simplot Company Heyburn plant closes

2004 - City of Minidoka incorporates

2006 - Rupert's centennial birthday

2007 - Acequia’s centennial birthday

2007 - Kraft Foods closes Rupert plant

2008 - Renova Energy Idaho LLC files for bankruptcy leaving taxpayers and local businesses on the hook for unpaid work

2008 - Heyburn officials annex property to stop Burley officials from using eminent domain to acquire land for an airport

2008 - New Rupert pool opens

2009 - Minidoka County School District opens new Heyburn and Acequia elementary schools

2009 - Demolition on Jackson Bridge begins, portions of the bridge used in the Burley greenbelt walking path and at Riverside RV Park walking paths

2010 - Paul creates Paul Community Park

2012 - U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and South Central Public Health both choose Heyburn locations for offices to serve people in Cassia and Minidoka counties.

2012 - Double L Manufacturing opens on new 69-acre Magic Valley Business Park in Heyburn. The park was Heyburn Urban Renewal Agency's first project.

Thanks to Minidoka County Centennial Committee Chairman Gary Schorzman for his work in establishing the timeline.

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