BURLEY | Charges against a teen accused of being an accomplice in the murder of his stepmother will be dropped, but only temporarily, the Cassia County prosecutor said Wednesday.

Ronnie Kincaid III, 17, was charged with accessory to murder and concealing or destroying evidence after police say he helped his father wash blood and DNA evidence from Melissia Kincaid’s body.

A trial was set to begin Monday.

Cassia County Prosecuting Attorney Doug Abenroth said in a statement Wednesday that a judge was unwilling to delay the trial, so he instead dropped the charges. He plans to refile the case at a later date.

Kincaid III’s father, Ronnie Kincaid Jr., is charged with felony first-degree murder, mayhem — a charged used when a person dismembers or disfigures a victim — two counts of penetration with a foreign object, and concealing or destroying evidence.

Authorities say Kincaid Jr., 34, caused his wife’s death with the foreign object, and that he and his son washed the body to cover up evidence.

The younger Kincaid was charged on Oct. 1 and released on his own recognizance. He was the state wrestling champion in his weight class in February for 2A high schools.

Cassia County Sgt. Jarrod Adam Thompson was one of the first to arrive at the Kincaid home on Highway 81 between Declo and Burley the morning of Sept. 6 for a 911 call about an unresponsive woman.

He testified at a preliminary hearing that he found Melissia Kincaid’s body in the back bedroom of the family’s single-wide mobile home.

The tops of Melissia Kincaid’s feet were clean, but she had blood between the toes and in the nail beds, he said. The officer could see blood on her hands, nose, ears and vaginal area but noticed her hair was wet, and he saw blood-soaked towels in the bathroom.

“You could tell her body had been washed,” Thompson said.

Kincaid Jr. told Thompson that his wife hadn’t been feeling well and was having “female medical problems,” the officer testified. Kincaid said he and his wife drank alcohol and played a drinking game with water after a night out at the Twin Falls County Fair.

Kincaid said the couple had sex, and about 2:30 a.m. he found his wife unresponsive. He told police he tried wake her up by putting her in the shower, then he covered up his wife and placed her in bed, went to sleep next to her and awoke to find her unresponsive just before 9 a.m.

By Wednesday at 5 p.m., online court records did not show whether a judge had ordered Kincaid III’s case to be dismissed. A jury trial for Kincaid Jr. is set for May 23 with a May 17 pretrial conference.


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