ALBION • Sunshine, snow and smiles were abundant Saturday at Pomerelle Ski Resort for its annual Kids Day Competition.

Fifty-four kids, ages 12 and under, strapped on their skis or snowboards and raced down Buttermilk run, vying for trophies and a podium finish.

No division was more competitive than the 10- to 12-year old male skiers, as the top three racers were separated by just one tenth of a second.

It was a good omen for Pocatello 12-year-old Paysen Cutler when he drew the No. 1 bib during registration. He finished first in 32.5 seconds.

“I was surprised, because last year I got third and I was thinking I got second this year. The competition looked pretty hard,” said Cutler, adding that every weekend he skis at Pomerelle, where his father is an instructor. “I just go as fast as I can and try to make the turns as tight as I can against the poles.”

But the fastest time of the day was turned in by Kamree Williams of Declo, whose 31.7-second run earned her the top podium position in the 10- to 12-year-old female skiers division.

Pomerelle Kids Day Competition

Saturday’s results

3-6 Skiers Female

1. Emerson Thompson 38.6 seconds, 2. Skylar Jones 52.8.

3-6 Skiers Male

1. William Alexander 34.6 seconds, 2. Blake Willie 37.5, 3. Seth Wyatt 39.9.

7-9 Skiers Female

1. Elizabeth Woodland 32.2 seconds, 2. Adelaide Wilson 36.1, 3. Luka Lloyd 36.8.

7-9 Skiers Male

1. Kaden Smith 34.8 seconds, 2. Ethan Kennedy 37.8, 3. Cole Wyatt 40.5.

7-9 Boarders Male

1. Garrett Thomas 35.8 seconds, 2. Raymond Jordan 44.9, 3. Jaxson Smith 50.2.

10-12 Skiers Female

1. Kamree Williams 31.7 seconds, 2. Lucy Cullar 32.6, 3. Amara Alexander 38.5.

10-12 Boarders Male

1. Tyries Blauer 34.1 seconds, 2. Scout Tracy 35.8, 3. Josh Luna 36.7.

10-12 Skiers Male

1. Paysen Cutler 32.5 seconds, 2. Nathan Duke 32.6, 3. Sam Shaw 32.7.

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