The Gooding and Hansen high school athletic departments will have new leaders for the 2017-18 school year.

Late last month, Gooding replaced athletic director Trudy Weaver with Logan Briggs. At Hansen, Jim Lasso will succeed Ryan Broyles as the athletic director, pending board approval.

Weaver, 35, resigned from Gooding months ago, after her position with the school changed. She was hired to be the athletic director and dean of students three years ago, but she left her dean position to teach PE and health. Gooding couldn’t find another candidate who was certified for the teaching position, so Weaver took it.

Weaver, who lives in Twin Falls, said the teaching job on top of her athletic director duties became too much.

“To be away from my family that long for a teaching position wasn’t worth it,” she said over the phone on Wednesday.

Weaver has since accepted a nutritionist position at Kimberly Middle School.

Briggs was approached in late May by Gooding administrators, who wanted to gauge his interest in the athletic director position. Briggs was indeed interested, but he was also surprised. He had worked at Gooding for about five months up to that point.

Briggs, 27, graduated from Wendell in 2007 and served several years in the Army National Guard before attending Idaho State. He graduated from ISU this past December, and accepted a social studies teaching job at Gooding shortly after. He coached the girls basketball C team this past winter, and he plans to continue coaching the team next year.

Gooding School District superintendent Spencer Larsen heard positive things about Briggs, and he liked Briggs’ athletic background. Briggs played football, basketball and golf at Wendell.

“He’s somebody who had a lot of energy,” Larsen said Wednesday. “I think he’ll do a wonderful job for us.”

Accepting the job offer was a no-brainer for Briggs. He didn’t expect to take an administrative role this soon in his professional career, but he’s excited for the road ahead.

“I’m not too worried about taking this job so early in my career because I have such good coaches and administration around me,” Briggs said Wednesday. “It’s a great opportunity for my career.”


In addition to his role as athletic director, Broyles taught PE and health at Hansen. Broyles said his teaching contract wasn’t renewed, and he knew then that the school would be looking for a new athletic director.

Broyles, 33, said he made some mistakes in his two years at Hansen’s helm, and he and the administration didn’t see eye-to-eye.

“They had a few complaints and decided to go in a different direction,” Broyles said Thursday.

His potential replacement, Lasso, has been the head boys basketball coach at Hansen for the last four seasons, but he won’t return for a fifth, he said on Thursday. Lasso declined to comment further until the board approves the hire.

“Lasso is a stand-up individual and has a good head on his shoulders,” Broyles said. “I’m glad he was the one to come in and take that job.”