Declo vs. Aberdeen football

Declo running back Keegan Duncan tries to avoid a tackle by Rivin Mack, of Aberdeen, on Friday, Jan. 10, 2016, at Declo High School.


BURLEY – Several members of the Times-News sports staff held a Mini-Cassia football media day Tuesday. Local football coaches and players from Cassia County joined the staff at the Mini-Cassia Voice office for interviews and photo shoots.

The media day for the rest of District IV players and coaches will be held at Twin Falls on Thursday. We will roll out pieces of information from both media days over the next few weeks, leading up to our full team-by-team preview on August 20.

In the meantime, here are some highlights from the Mini-Cassia football media day:

Minico QB John Perrigot: (After Minico’s season-ending, back-and-forth loss to Blackfoot in the first round of the 4A state tournament, first-team all-state linebacker) “Boe Boston turned to me and said, ‘the offseason starts now.’ That’s stuck with me ever since that night. It gives me goosebumps talking about it right now. He looked me in the eye, and it’s something you’ll never forget. It always sticks with you. He had such a leadership role, and he worked hard in the weight room.”

Minico TE Garret Behunin:”The thing that’s important in our two-a-days and the practices leading up to the first game, we have to set a standard of intensity and quality of reps in practice. As the season goes on, you get guys that are tired and guys that are banged up, but if in two-a-days we can establish that we’re not going to accept anything less than your best effort, that’s going to pay dividends throughout the season.”

Burley WR/LB Kyler Bean: “I’m ready to have the town want to come out and watch the Burley football team, because it’s not gonna be a disappointment. We want to be the class that, ‘In that 2018 class, Burley turned around.’”

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Declo head coach Kelly Kidd on retirement: “Keegan (Duncan)’s got some special abilities. He can make any old coach look good. I think it wouldn’t be prudent to walk away and watch him excel and not be a part of it. We discussed things when he was an eighth grader and decided we were gonna stick this out. I’ll be here until these juniors graduate.”

Declo RB/DB Keegan Duncan: “We’re not gonna make any promises that we’re gonna make it back to the state championship, but we’re gonna do our part and work as hard as we can, outwork our opponents in everything we do.”

Oakley head coach Kade Craner: “We’re excited to get the ball rolling. We’re excited to get back after it. We got a view of what the mountain looks like (with a state championship appearance) last year. Hopefully this year, we’re ready to climb it.”


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