Wood River head coach Kevin Stilling: “Last year was a lot of fun. It’s probably one of the best football teams that’s ever come through here. To win the first-ever district championship in school history was really special. … I’ve had some time to relish it, but that isn’t gonna help us this year.”

Jerome head coach Sid Gambles: “I think we have the talent, but cross your fingers that we stay healthy.”

Kimberly head coach Rich Bishop: “Coming in with a new signal-caller, it’s going to help him with our line up front. Our line play is going to be huge. Whoever that young quarterback is, our line needs to give him some confidence and give him time to make decisions.”

Raft River head coach Brian Poole: “I don’t think everybody feels like we’re the team to beat right now. But we’re gonna get a good shot from everybody.”

Valley head coach Ryon Jarvis: “The realistic goal is we have to get through conference again. It’s a true five-team race. If you stub your toe in one of those games, or somebody doesn’t help you out, there could potentially be two winning teams sitting at home.”

Shoshone head coach Michael Perry: “Number-wise, we’re down, so we need to make sure our guys are physically and mentally prepared to play where we need them to play, and not necessarily where they want to play...For the kid’s side, it’s hard when you’re not winning to stay motivated. Last year, we increased scoring output. Now we want to increase our defensive ability.”

Hagerman head coach Mark Kress: “The thing that’s probably most concerning for our program is that we have very little to no juniors, so we’re gonna be a very young team with some talented seniors.”

Hansen head coach Jim Rife, on ending the co-op with Murtaugh: “With the numbers, it made more sense to split so we remained in 1A instead of moving up to 2A. ... Both schools now are competing in the conference they belong in.”