I normally take my journalistic objectivity extremely seriously. I do my absolute best to not make my writing personal, and keep all biases out of it.

But to hell with objectivity this week — I am rooting for you, Bryan Harsin.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Wow, that’s one heck of a turnaround you’ve made Stubbs.” Well, allow me to clarify. My rooting interest has absolutely nothing to do with him, and has everything to do with me not looking foolish.

Here I was two weeks ago giving a full-throated mea culpa about calling Harsin — Boise State’s head football coach — a possible bust, and here he is putting the seed of doubt in Bronco Nation’s heart, just one week before arguably the biggest game of his coaching career?

What gives, Bryan?

How am I supposed to feel secure about jumping on the BH bandwagon, when the week immediately following my joining, Boise goes out and gets embarrassed by Fresno State? I’m trying to help the head ball coach out, but man he’s making it difficult at the moment.

However, as Bronco loyalist Tami Dooley (@reflectivity) wrote on Twitter, “the fun part of being a Harsin ‘apologist’ is that the data backs us up”, and she’s correct. In his four short years at the helm, Harsin is 40-12 (.769), with a Mountain West title and a Fiesta Bowl championship to his name. That’s a fairly stellar resume for anybody.

But none of that, let me repeat, none of that will matter if Boise State loses this coming Saturday, at home, to Fresno, for the second consecutive week. If that happens, there will be more BSU fans than ever ready for a change. But worst of all, I will look ridiculous for backing off my bust prediction.

Don’t do that to me Bryan, I’m rooting for you.

Seriously, if Boise loses this weekend, ending its third straight season without a Mountain West title, I think the greater Boise area will be completely sold out of torches and pitchforks by noon Sunday. Social media will be set ablaze with hot takes about how Harsin hasn’t won anything without Chris Petersen’s players, and even despite reeling in great recruiting class after great recruiting class, his teams always seem to underperform.

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And I’ll be standing here looking like a dope for pumping up the Bry-Guy for the second half of this season.

Avoiding this calamity — for both me and Harsin — is easy enough, though. Just win, by any means necessary. Beat Fresno, at home, collect a sweet trophy, and go to the Las Vegas Bowl with all doubt about the both of us put to bed.

We can do this Bryan! I’m rooting for you.

Because let’s be honest here, the curve on which Harsin gets graded is entirely unfair, it’s no wonder some have a negative view of him. Most programs, and fan bases for that matter, would be beyond content with a coach who annually contends for a conference title, wins over 75 percent of his contests and regularly brings in topflight recruits. Not the Broncos, though. The mountain in which they make their coaches climb to be considered successful is Everest-esque.

Every win, however, is one step closer to the summit. And if Harsin wins this Saturday, it’s just 51 more steps (wins) consecutively to reach the Petersen base camp of 92-12. No biggie, right?

Just focus on Fresno first, though, Bry. We will deal with all the other expectations another day. We can do this, buddy! Go out there, and prove me right. I’m rooting for you.

Stubbs Zanelli has been a Boise State columnist for the Times-News the last two years. He’s also the managing editor of MWCConnection.com, and he writes for TheSportsFanJournal.com.


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