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So, I am watching the reporters on TV as they help Americans see first-hand the devastation in Texas and then again in Florida. I watch these dedicated people risk their lives to not only bring this news to us but try to eek out a living for their families. Then I think, how dare the "leader" of our country call it "FAKE NEWS!"

Look back in history and you will see that the very first thing a dictator does is discredit the people who keep him or her honest in the eyes of the people they are trying to dictate to. The news media have to keep their reporting as honest as possible because their livelihood depends on it. Plus, they have editors and bosses to keep their reports honest and true — unlike our president who seems to relish in telling a lie and having no one call him on it, except maybe a reporter or two. Tee hee!

I, for one, appreciate the chances reporters take so I can see firsthand what is going on in my country and around the world. I don't need a proven liar to give me his version.

Sue Harr



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