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I’m trying to digest the words in Adrienne Evans’ front-page article of Sept. 30. I read and re-read then regurgitate. She alludes to ”President Donald Trump’s ‘hate speech’ during the 2016 presidential election.” Many folks have fallen for the polarizing vitriol in the media that misrepresents the president’s goal. I’d like to use an example of what he is attempting to do.

The state of California has about 16 agricultural inspection stations on major routes into that state. The purpose of these stations is to protect the agricultural industry from invasive insects and plant disease. Inspectors are trained to be selective in searching vehicles. They look for license plates from areas that are having pest/disease control. They look for particular goods that are prone to certain invasive pests/diseases. They even test questionable cargo when necessary. They require proof of immunizations for many pets and livestock. They disallow certain exotic invasive species of plants and animals or animals that are restricted due to nuisance factors. They even closely examine firewood to avoid the spread of insects and disease to their economy. They are selective in order to protect the economy of California and her people.

Having said that, the comparison falls apart quickly when California’s borders are awash with illegal immigrants who do not comply with most of the immigration laws designed to protect American citizens. They are undocumented so they pay no taxes to support education. They carry no insurance to cover health needs. They seldom have a driver’s license or car insurance. They are not checked for communicable diseases.

Don’t get me wrong. I think we are better off because of immigration. My grandparents came to America from France in the very early 1900s. We need to modernize the immigration system to allow legal movement into our country.

Stephen Woods

Twin Falls


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