I have been requested to comment on the NFL’S disgraceful actions in not honoring the national anthem. I am a United States Marine Corps veteran and have coached high school football for 30 years. My football teams took great pride in asinging the anthem or reciting the pledge. So, I will comment on Collin Kapernick who was the original “kneel downer,” and is now suing the NFL because no team will sign him.

Question for Collin: Did you skip school when free enterprise in America was being taught? Here is the bottom line: As an owner, coach, or employer, I am not going to bring anyone onto my team or organization that is going to be detrimental to our established goals ... period!

For you other “fine gentlemen,” here are some ideas to improve your attitudes: Take your over inflated paychecks, donate them to Red Cross, Salvation Army, public schools, ect., and book passage back to your country of origin. You will find a plethora of people kneeling. They are looking for food and shelter! Perhaps then you might just understand what a great country the United States is and always will be!

Ed Simons Jr. is a retired football coach who led teams at Dietrich, Magic Valley Christian and North Valley Academy. He now lives in Jackpot, Nev.