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Thanks to Coach Perrigot and to sports writer

Maybe I won’t give it the justice it deserves, but I would like to comment on the article in Sunday’s paper about Minico High School Spartans football history and where the credits for its success this year belong.

It will surprise some, but women — especially mothers — are interested in sports and how they affect those who participate in them. Occasionally I’ll read a sports report and especially a couple of years ago, there was a writer who could get your attention and take you through the game just like you were at the stadium watching the action happen. I can’t tell you his name, but I was sad to see him go on to other venues.

Sunday’s article was special. It was a history of our team and the coach whose dedication and determination had so much to do with our being able to be at state this year. This had to have been the result of much research and a terrific interview with Coach Perrigot.

I am off to buy two more copies of the newspaper so that each of our sons will have these memorable words and will let them know the pride we have always had in the efforts that were put forth to give the Spartans a chance to be the winning team.

Thank you so much, Jake Crouse, for giving this insight into not only just our team, but also of a great man who knows what’s needed to fulfill destiny. Thanks for sticking with us, Coach Perrigot.

Sue A. Child

RupertBoys and Girls Club is a valuable community asset

I want to state my gratitude for the Boys and Girls Club of Magic Valley. This agency is so much more than a child-care facility. My daughter is raising her 7-year-old son as a single working mom who is also in nursing school. I provide what assistance I can. He started attending there when he was 5; and I credit his stability, in part, to the program they have provided.

I taught school in the Twin Falls School District for 32 years and now work for Alliance Family Services. These experiences have supplied unlimited opportunities to observe quality programs in related fields.

I continue to be impressed with the organization and planning for age-appropriate activities and methods of relating to children. I believe this provides for the growth of present and future responsible citizens. The emotional and social development takes a high priority in their programming, as well as respecting individual interests and values.

What I appreciate most is the on-going daily collaboration from staff to parent (or grandparent). This provides for follow-up at home and assists with continuity, to support positive progress in all areas.

Thanks again so very much to the Boys and Girls Club of Magic Valley!

Connie L. Jones

Twin Falls


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