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I would like to respond to Tom Skeem and his criticism of "Three Billboards." (Jan. 18) I acknowledge that everyone is entitled to his personal opinion, but that opinion should be based on the true facts and not lack of knowledge.

I thought "Three Billboards" was an excellent movie and deserving of all the Golden Globe awards it received. Frances McDormand out-did her performance in "Fargo," and Woody was better than in "Cheers."

If one does his homework or pays attention to what is written, one knows the movie is rated "R" due to foul language. What do you think — you're going to a Sunday school picnic?

The message the movie delivered was a good message for everyone: However, you need to see the whole movie to get it. Would I take my grandsons to it? No! But I'm not going to "Paddington II" either.

If you have never heard that language, perhaps you need to get off the couch and see how people in Missouri and the real world live. I think the manager of the theater was overly kind to refund your money. I certainly would not have.

The old adage when working may apply: "Read the instructions."

Paul E. Ostyn

Twin Falls 


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