Texting and driving, sticking a knife into a toaster, walking in front of a car, driving while under the influence. All these things are avoidable by employing one tactic — common sense.

First off, I would like to say I am not seeking to offend anyone, nor am I protesting against the things I have listed. I am simply trying to bring to light a problem with society.

We all heard about the incident about two people walking off a cliff while playing Pokemon Go. We have also heard about many accidents that were a result of texting while driving or driving while intoxicated. While society has been focusing on educating our posterity about things such as math, physics, and English, we fail to educate them in the field of common sense.

All around us, people are doing things that many see as unimaginable. Not having common sense has become a serious problem. Our society as a whole must make the decision to use common sense, as well as teach it to future generations.

Caleb Young