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I have known Glenneda Zuiderveld for many many years. We are supporting her for House Seat 25A because:

Glenneda is honest and trustworthy and stands for the same principles that we do. Glenneda believes life begins at conception and is totally pro-life. She is for traditional marriage.

She is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment "shall not be infringed," period. She is for less government involvement in our public lands. She is a lifetime member of VFW and auxiliary. Glennda spends hours going as a part of the honor team. She plays the trumpet, honoring our fallen soldiers at their last rights by playing the taps at the conclusion of service.

Her sons bravely served in the military and fought for our country. Glenneda is a patriot and stands for what she believes. Glenneda is solid and can not be bought; she will stand for us as taxpayers.

I encourage you to stand with Glenneda and vote for her for House Seat 25A.

Johnie & Vivian Ridgway



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