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Vote May 15 for Glenneda Zuiderveld for District 25A Republican state representative.

I have known Glenneda for 42 years. During this time she has proven her loyalty, never wavered from our friendship. She is a long-time Idahoan, raised in the Magic Valley and graduated from Jerome High School, resident of Jerome County, daughter of military father, a wife of 30 years and mother of three amazing sons, two have proudly served in our military. She truly has the heart to serve and defend the state and country she loves.

Glenneda understands the importance of our farmers and ranchers, the needs of her communities, our teachers and the recreational uses that Idaho has to offer. She stands for every veteran, and gives thanks to each and everyone that has served our country.

I’m tired of our state legislators acting like they no longer work for us, Glenneda is the positive choice for change. Glenneda believes it is our responsibility as citizens to protect and fight for what our founding fathers created. The enemy is in our towns, cities, counties and our state! The enemy is no longer someone we can’t see, but the establishment that we have allowed to slowly remove our rights.

She fully supports free speech, the Second and Fourth Amendments, traditional marriage between one man and one woman, most importantly traditional family values and the protection of your parental rights. Glenneda has stood by my side and those of countless others defending their right for freedom to protect life, liberty and property.

If you desire the changes and truly want Idaho free of our federal government, get out and vote in the May 15 Republican primary for Glenneda Zuiderveld. Let’s help her drain the swamp in Idaho.

Mona K. Blamires-Weeks

Twin Falls


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