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How lucky we are to have a choice between two experienced candidates for District One County Commissioner. However, as the campaign has progressed, I find myself shocked and saddened by the negative rhetoric demeaning former Commissioner Reinke.

Brent Reinke, during his tenure as county commissioner, was asked by Gov. Batt to accept the job as director of the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections. Among many other local achievements, Commissioner Reinke was a leader in innovative juvenile programs and policy development. His ability to work with members of the public, other elected local and state officials, law enforcement and members of the judiciary caught the attention of the governor and members of the legislature. He was considered to be "the person" in the state of Idaho who exhibited that unique set of skills.

Subsequently, he was asked by Gov. Otter to accept the position of director of the Idaho Department of Adult Corrections. The adult criminal justice system has always been (and always will be) a "hotbed" of conflict and lawsuits. The turmoil did not begin with Director Reinke and it will not end with him.

Commissioner Reinke was a tireless and effective administrator both as a Twin Falls County Commissioner and at the state level.

I was not asked by Brent Reinke or anyone else to write this letter, but I cannot in good conscience stand by and see anyone running for public office be the subject of grossly skewed and slanted information and innuendos.

Brent Reinke deserves your vote.

Judy Felton



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