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I’m a conservative Idaho voter who has been pleasantly surprised by the candidacy of Peter Dill for governor — on the Democratic ticket. I’m staunchly opposed to a lot the “left” seems to be pushing for on a national level, but here at home I’m also uncomfortable with some of the GOP’s track record.

Is there a reasonable middle ground? I’m pro-life, and I also want clean water and sustainably managed resources. I want a balanced budget and actually-transparent government, but not a blank check for every big industry that’s willing to build a plant in Idaho.

Can we strengthen education by getting and keeping good teachers and making alternative options more attainable for families that need them? Open up more avenues for affordable healthcare?

Peter Dill seems to think so. With experience as a farmer and in business law, he has a track record of working with varied and diverse people and opinions.

If you’re a moderate Democrat, please consider voting for Peter Dill in the May 15 primary. Additionally, if you’re a registered Republican but aren’t passionate about any tight races on your ticket, you can vote in the Democratic primary without changing your registration.

I think this could make for a very interesting gubernatorial race going into November.

Lindsay Jacobsen

Twin Falls


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