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Raul Labrador has proven his promise, representing Idaho in Washington, D.C. I was excited when I saw Raul throw his hat in the ring for the western Idaho seat. Not only did he sound like a great conservative, he was Hispanic. Like it or not, Idaho has an incorrect image perception as being a racist state because of the whack jobs in northern Idaho. Nothing dispels the myth better than electing minorities when we can find conservative ones.

Raul largely takes the same stands as I do, except for predators; I’m a wildlife photo tour leader so I get screwed by all Idaho legislators on that one. He doesn’t do any milk toast positions like Kempthorn did. Since we are a huge Republican majority state, too often Democrats run as Republicans because it is the only game in town. We must be mindful of that. After years in D.C., he has proven to be the man he proclaimed when he ran.

Our other two candidates sound like fine men; however, Tommy Ahlquist did not support Trump and boasted about writing-in Marco Rubio. By writing-in Rubio, he effectively voted for Hilary. Thank God for the Electoral College, and to hell with the Never-Trumpers. I don’t know about you, but I want my governor to be pro-economy like Trump is; Ahlquist’s celebrity endorser is Trump-basher Mitt Romney. That is all I need to know.

I realize that many of us vote with the church; we must remember though Harry Ried didn’t work out so well. An 'R" doesn’t necessarily mean conservative here.

Let’s stick with the proven conservative, Raúl Labrador.

Daryl L. Hunter



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